View Full Version : Airbus 340 incident in Spain

2nd Nov 2006, 10:58
I received some rumours about an incident (near accident) in Spain with an Airbus 340 a few years ago. After browsing the net and forums I couldīt find much so Iīm asking you guys now. Do you know anything more about the circumstances around this incident?
Pictures and link to report here (http://www.airviolence.com)

2nd Nov 2006, 17:48
I think this is the final report you are looking for:



2nd Nov 2006, 23:48
Hey thanks! :) That report can be found under the link in my original post as well. I would like to know more about this incident from people who has more unofficial info about this incident and maybe some pics.

Itīs interesting to speculate about how something like this can get through without any consequences from the authorities.

Cheers Lasse

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