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1st Nov 2006, 09:34
Anyone got a copy (pdf?) they can PM me?

I'm interested to know whether anyone can confirm that, for those contracting states which operate in accordance with this annex, one can assume that all ILS/LLZ/VOR receivers onboard the aircraft are/were FM immune wef 01/01/1998?


1st Nov 2006, 12:18
Annex 10 is rather a large document. I've never seen it in an electronic format but, even so, it'd be a bit difficult to keep updated. If (and it's a pretty big "if") a State has filed a difference to any standard contained in that Annex, it will be listed in the back of the Annex.

In any event, it'd be brave to make any assumption that uses the world "all", as some Contracting States don't always go along with Annex provisions, even though they're supposed to, much less file a difference. ICAO audits Contracting States and, where they find problems, encourage States to comply.

1st Nov 2006, 13:03
Try the link here (http://tinyurl.com/ydy3hd) for a PDF.

Best regards, NM.

Iron City
3rd Nov 2006, 19:14
I could be wrong but believe the refernce in Annex 10 Vol I is :
Interference immunity performance for ILS localizer receiving systems

After 1 January 1998, the ILS localizer receiving system shall provide adequate immunity to interference from two-signal, third-order intermodulation products caused by VHF FM broadcast signals having levels in accordance with the following:

(See Annex for formula)

for VHF FM sound broadcasting signals in the range 107.7 - 108.0 MHz


(See Annex for formula)

for VHF FM sound broadcasting signals below 107.7 MHz,

Where the frequencies of the two VHF FM sound broadcasting signals produce, within the receiver, a two-signal, third-order intermodulation product on the desired ILS localizer frequency.

N1 and N2 are the levels (dBm) of the two VHF FM sound broadcasting signals at the ILS localizer receiver input. Neither level shall exceed the desensitization criteria set forth in

f = 108.1 - f1, where f1 is the frequency of N1, the VHF FM sound broadcasting signal closer to 108.1 MHz.

And I believe the reference that NavMonkey gave is not exactly current. The current version will have Amendment 80 incorporated. 81 is in review and was supposed to have comments back to Montreal by October 23.

3rd Nov 2006, 22:08

From the Danish CAA site: http://dcaa.slv.dk:8000/icaodocs/Annex%2010%20-%20Aeronautical%20Telecommunications/