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Charlie Roy
21st Oct 2006, 01:58

Un avion de la compagnie irlandaise à bas prix Ryanair a été dangereusement frôlé par un avion de chasse allemand, peu de temps avant de se poser à Hahn (sud-ouest de l'Allemagne), a-t-on appris vendredi auprès de la société allemande assurant le contrôle aérien, DFS. L'incident a eu lieu lundi dernier, alors que l'avion de Ryanair, qui arrivait de Pise (nord de l'Italie), s'apprêtait à atterrir à Hahn, entre Luxembourg et Francfort. Il a été frôlé par un avion militaire de type Tornado, une situation décrite par le pilote comme "dangereuse", selon le porte-parole de la DFS, Axel Raab. Selon les premiers éléments dont dispose la DFS, l'avion de Ryanair était en fait survolé par deux Tornado, dont l'un, pour des raisons qui restent à éclaircir, a subitement plongé, s'approchant "vraiment près" de l'appareil civil. Les deux avions de chasse sont ensuite rentrés à leur base de Nörvenich, à une centaine de km plus au nord. La direction de l'armée de l'air à Cologne (ouest) a ouvert une enquête.

Last Monday apparently, a Ryanair flight from Pisa to Hahn, while making its final approach between Luxembourg and Hahn encountered two military Tornado jets coming dangerously close to the aircraft. It appears that the two jets were over flying the Ryanair plane when one of them inexplicably plunged downwards towards the Ryanair aircraft, coming "really close" to it!

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Charlie Roy
21st Oct 2006, 02:04
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21st Oct 2006, 09:42
It's those European "Plongeurs" at it again! They crop up in a lot of minor incidents on this side of the pond.

23rd Oct 2006, 17:13
Aah yes, that's better. I was beginning to get "plunge withdrawal" symptoms again :rolleyes:

23rd Oct 2006, 19:42
Thanks for the Babelfish steer, I am to knowing how now the discussions of the airbus technicals are being translated.

23rd Oct 2006, 22:43
Airspace at Hahn (except control zone) seems to be "E". So, in VFR conditions who has to avoid who!?:hmm:

24th Oct 2006, 08:14
Indeed, flying into regional airports often means flying into non-separation and non-clearance required/non-radio airspace.

As survey pilot I do a lot of low altitude flying in those airspaces and often hear traffic advisories to the likes of Ryanair, Easyjet, Transavia etc. always replying that they have the aircraft on TCAS but what with no-transponder aircraft or what happens even most of the time - faulty mode C information...

It's a fact that safety is a lot less around the regional airports than at the major international airports - a fact often overseen by passengers.

Tonic Please
24th Oct 2006, 09:09
Here's the FR>EN translation done by me, properly. (don't worry, I know what I'm doing more the Bable).

An aircraft of Irish airline company Ryanair, came dangerously close to a collision when a German fighter plane brushed by it, shortly before the flight went on to land at Hahn (SW Germany), we learnt Friday by the German Air Traffic Control, DFS.

The accident took place last Monday when the Ryanair aircraft en route to Hahn from Pisa, Northern Itality, was preparing to land at Hahn, situated between Luxembourg and Francfort. It had a military Tornado fighter brush past it, a situation described by the pilot as "dangerous", according to a spokesperson for DFS, Axel Raab. According to the first bits of information available to the DFS, the Ryanair plane was infact overflown by two Tornados, of which one, for reasons which remain unclear, unexpectedly nose-dived, approaching "very close" to the civil airliner. The two fighters then returned to their base in Nörvenich, about 100km further North.

An inquest has been initiated by the Cologne Army (West).


Accident Prawn
24th Oct 2006, 09:14
Tonic Please

Northern Itality

Now which country is it in? :ok:

24th Oct 2006, 09:18
Now, if they flew into the real Frankfurt... ;)

Tonic Please
24th Oct 2006, 09:24
:D Oops! It wasn't me...Blame him! :{

A method of translating smaller texts like this is to start typing just before it (having read it first of course!) and apply the Place/Company Nouns from the original text in place appropriately.

Being French language brainwashed these days, for obvious reasons, I thought "Yes, that's right". Missed the Italy one despite 2 proof reads.

Nevertheless, plane landed, fighters landed.

24th Oct 2006, 23:48
No worries Tonic.....:cool:

Thanks for the translation, we all understood what you meant!:8

....well most of us:ugh:

26th Oct 2006, 16:04
How do you make a Tornado 'plunge'?

I presume you push the wings fully forward so that the wing tips touch ahead of the nose and then push the stick fully forward to get the desired attitude for the downward 'plunge' towards the oggin'.

Stylish! A new one for the Arrows perhaps?

ray cosmic
26th Oct 2006, 18:02
The A10s were also notorious offenders of the same kind in this area.
Ah well..

26th Oct 2006, 18:21
How do you make a Tornado 'plunge'?
Stylish! A new one for the Arrows perhaps?

No, this is a German Privilege! It is called "STUKA Attack"!:)

My first Luftwaffe instructor´(WW II pilot) loved to demonstrate this kind. Being a young kid, I worried about stomach and pants! Or i other words, it scared the sh..t out of me!