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25th Sep 2001, 16:40
Taken from the BBC:


Passengers are today facing disruption after the Isle of Man was left out of a Government insurance deal fro airlines.

Manx Airlines said it was having to use aircraft registered in the UK after a Government deal to insure airlines was announced last Friday.

Having been left out of the deal, Manx have had to ground five of its aircraft. They say there are some delays as they wait for UK registered aircraft to arrive to operate their routes.

The airline is currently in talks with the Government to find a resolution.

One Sixty

25th Sep 2001, 16:50
This one sounds a bit hairy to me.
Surely ALL Manx aircraft are on the British register. They all have G-**** registrations and as far as I'm aware the Isle of Man doesn't have its own licencing nor registration nor indeed Aviation Authority.

I may be wrong! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

The Guvnor
25th Sep 2001, 17:07
Zeroflap - The Isle of Man, like the Channel Islands, falls outside a lot of the UK rules - for example they are not part of the EU and have different tax rules.

Manx Airlines is therefore not an EU airline, and is not granted the same privileges (such as being able to operate anywhere within the EU) that are given to EU carriers - which was why they set up Manx Airlines Europe which subsequently became British Regional Airlines.

I'd assume that if they are grounded, then so must be Aurigny?

25th Sep 2001, 17:43
Guvnor is correct. Let the greedy little to$$ers on the IOM rot.

25th Sep 2001, 19:03
We live and learn then, don't we!

:p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

25th Sep 2001, 19:50
guvnor, never assume, always know! :mad:

26th Sep 2001, 00:19
Aren't Manx part of the "British Regional/BMI" enclave?
Flying BRT, I get my tickek from the BMI desk
So where is the "problem?"
we aim to please, it keeps the cleaners happy

26th Sep 2001, 01:30
Only connection between Bral and BMI is that BMI are their handling/ticket agents at some airports.
Manx is part of BRAL (BRAL is owned by the same company that owns BA).
All BRAL aircraft,except the 5 Manx Airlines aircraft,are covered by the UK Govn underwriting the insurance.hence Manx Airlines cannot operate it`s own aircraft,but must bring aircraft from elsewhere in the UK to cover it`s programme.Now what regional airline do you know of that has 5 spare aircraft sitting around ready for use? So the future is not looking bright at the moment for Manx,unless the UK Govn step in .

26th Sep 2001, 01:38
Fortunatley Guv Aurigny are still flying.

My Fav Airline. :p

The Guvnor
26th Sep 2001, 01:41
Guern - indeed so. Looks like the States Assembly was probably rather more wide awake than the House of Keys! :D :D :D

26th Sep 2001, 01:47
Indeed Happiness is a Trislander!

Although they seem to freak a few people who are used to something bigger out!

26th Sep 2001, 19:27
So Manx want to:

1. Operate from a tax haven.

2. Recieve British taxpayer subsidy when it all goes horribly wrong.

mmmh... I think I understand..

26th Sep 2001, 21:40
Just heard that Manx are cancelling all their flights between LPL and IOM tomorrow, due to no BRAL aircraft being available to cover. I had been told that this was "until further notice", but their website says it's just for tomorrow, with a further review of the situation to follow. :(

27th Sep 2001, 00:26
BTB, see my post above. Laugh! I nearly shat.

rhythm method
27th Sep 2001, 00:47
You sad bunch of w*nkers!

You're laughing at the misfortune of others. OK, when you're down the dole trying for your **** -poor supplementary benefit, give us a call and we'll have a giggle at you. At this point, there are several thousand potential job losses in the UK alone (let's not even mention the worldwide problems) so if you get your come-uppance,....fair-play.

In the meantime let's all of us hope that the situation is resolved quickly without too much financial losses.

The Guvnor
27th Sep 2001, 01:00
The J41 is flying, because it has lower liability cover needs than the larger aircraft.

I feel for Terry at the moment!

27th Sep 2001, 01:02
...but for the grace of God go I. Fingers crossed.


27th Sep 2001, 01:56
Guvnor - you're full of s**t. How far out of date is your info. Terry Liddiard (I think you feel for him?) retired from the now British Airways CitiExpress when it was purchased by BA. I agree with Rhythm Method - wind your neck in & GROW UP !!


27th Sep 2001, 02:21

If IOM is outside EU but flies UK CAA registered planes with UK CAA licensed pilots DOES that mean they are not EU JAR impacted ? :confused:

rhythm method
27th Sep 2001, 02:40
Wayward, my point exactly!

I've don't like to wish ill upon anyone, but these t*ssers will hopefully soon find out that recession means major changes to your whole lifestyle as well as your immediate family. The immaturity displayed with such flippant remarks must surely show a complete lack of understanding in a pathetic individual. Hands up anyone who may need to be grovelling to bank managers soon.

Even if you personally don't lose your job, when you see close friends struggling you might just regret the stupidity of your previous comments.


[wayward, you were pretty quick removing your post. For the benefit of others, it commented that these pr*cks were joking about the hundreds of job losses here in the UK not to mention the thousands worldwide, or words to that effect]

[ 26 September 2001: Message edited by: rhythm method ]

27th Sep 2001, 04:01
BOSD, never a tru-er word said. Guvnor this is at least the second time you have been "caught" pretending to know someone you don't. Aren't you concerned when you make a fool of yourself in regular succession? Stop letting yourself down like this.

27th Sep 2001, 13:05
When companys close or lay off staff it effects all of us.

27th Sep 2001, 14:16
rhythm method.
I removed my post, as I thought it may have seemed like a criticism of all replies on this thread.My words were directed at the few idiots who are laughing while the rest of the industry suffered.I don`t like to post in anger so i waited to repost.i`m just glad the *ankers on this board are a tiny minority who need to take their heads out of wherever thy have shoved them.The condemnation by others on this thread show that stupid comments while other airlines struggle to stay in business are not appreciated.

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Chirpy Pilot
27th Sep 2001, 15:10
Manx is has obtained two extra ATPs registered with yhe UK within the BA CitiExpress umbella. These are being used to cover the Heathrow, Manchester,Luton routes, while the J41's are doing the Dublin,Belfast,Birmingham.
What a cock up! Hopethe IOM government pull the finger out