View Full Version : Novelair A321 Geneva

9th Oct 2006, 14:42
Lost a NLG tyre/wheel upon landing last saturday.

Anyone who knows further details?

9th Oct 2006, 16:54
Can't help you, but for the record, it's NOUVELAIR.

9th Oct 2006, 17:03
Yeah that's correct. Looks like another case where the NLG twisted and scratched a bit at landing.

9th Oct 2006, 17:46
Some details in this local newspaper article (in french)

11th Oct 2006, 21:51
Don't have time to translate the article sorry, but very well written, no superhype and a lot of good clear facts...

Quick paraphrase:
Just after takeoff, front wheels retracted but would not lock - so return to fix. On landing kept high angle for as long as possible. When front wheels made contact with runway a wheel breaks off and ends up in the grass. Plane unloads PAX without use of emergency slides and is later schlepped to a hangar. PAX reboooked on one of apparently 4 other available flights GVA-Tunis later in the evening. Pilot praised for great and safe handling of a situation that could have turned very expensive and nasty.

Congrats all round; Crew for a job safely done, and Journo for a professional and good article (what a nice change).:cool:

Gofer somewhere in a holding pattern.;)

12th Oct 2006, 08:58
Thx Gofer.

"Well done" to the crew.