View Full Version : Recent Aeroflot Ilyushin 86 (RA-86074) at Dubai, any details?

24th Sep 2001, 13:34
Does anybody hear any details on mentioned accident at Dubai Airport at 22 Sep?
There are unconfirmed rumors through media that CA hasn’t declare any emergency (!) and has landed aircraft without gear down. Tower controller who saw sparks and fire has call for equipment, no one injured, however aircraft suffered heavy damages and one engine has totally burned.

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24th Sep 2001, 13:55
Just heard.
Noise abatement procedure force to extend gear down after flaps extracted to known position on Il-86, this is unusual and not comply with AOM, of course crew has shut gear horn buzzing after flaps being extracted and flying crew then forgot about it, that’s it, shut the horn and you’ve got it.

Static Wick
24th Sep 2001, 22:02
Go see topic 'dxb closed for more details & a nice picture.
A/C now removed from runway & positioned ot DXB T2.
They sure build 'em well in Ruskyland.....
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freightdoggy dog
24th Sep 2001, 22:25
seem to remember that it also happened to a Viscount doing training at BFS some years back. Crew pulled cb to stop horn going off and landed belly up!

25th Sep 2001, 14:44
check out "news" at www.jacdec.de (http://www.jacdec.de)