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London legend
23rd Sep 2006, 14:04
ATHENS, Greece (AP) - An airport on the island of Crete
was alerted after a Hellas Jet commercial airliner reported
instrument failure and requested to make an unscheduled
landing, a report said.
State-run NET television said the plane was traveling from
Brussels to the Greek island of Rhodes, and was due to land
at Iraklio airport on Crete.

23rd Sep 2006, 17:13
The crew reported the problem over Chios island.
It was diverted from Rhodes (intended landing) to Iraklion Crete and escorted by HAF fighters.

I wonder why it was diverted to Iraklion which was much further than Rhodes from Chios. :confused:

Kyprianos Biris
24th Sep 2006, 06:32
I wonder why it was diverted to Iraklion which was much further than Rhodes from Chios. :confused:

The aircraft had a failure to one of its generators not "an instrument".
They diverted to Iraklion because this is where their technical base is.

24th Sep 2006, 08:24
Athens - An Airbus of the low-fare airline Hellas Jet made an emergency landing Saturday on Crete, after the crew experienced problems with the plane's guidance systems.

Greek state television NET said there were no injuries among the 63 passengers on board as the plane landed safely at Heraklion airport.

The Airbus 320 plane was on a flight from Brussels to the Greek vacation island of Rhodes when the pilots reported having trouble with the guidance systems and made plans for an emergency landing.

With the weather being better on Crete and on Rhodes, Greek civil aviation authorities re-directed the plane to Heraklion and alerted rescue teams there.

Hellas Jet is a subsidiary of the state Cypriot airline Cyprus Airways.

IDG failure with no injuries. :p