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21st Sep 2006, 18:40
A horse rider saw a 'sizzling hot' piece of metal fall from the sky as a BA plane made an emergency landing at Manchester airport. The metal disc the size and shape of a dinner plate, landed south of the Airport in a field and was later discovered to be part of the exhaust from the aircraft's number two engine.
Over thirty passengers were on board the BA Connect flight on August 9th last year. As it took off for Aberdeen Airport a bearing in the engine 'failed catastrophically'.
The pilot made a mayday distress call, when he heard a bang as the aircraft vibrated heavily and suddenly veered to the right. It was later discovered a bearing had broken in the engine, fracturing a power turbine shaft and causing other damage.
In a report by the Air Accident Investigation Branch it says: 'On the day of the incident, a member of the public had been riding a horse in a field to the south of Manchester Airport, and had seen a 'sizzling hot' object fall from an aircraft and land nearby.'
The report says it was a very rare incident exposing the flight crew to a situation they would not normally experience. It is thought the bearing had been cracking over a period of time.

brain fade
21st Sep 2006, 19:38
And well done to the crew. Turbo-prop with an engine failure and an unfeatherable prop is not good.

Nice job.

Johnny F@rt Pants
21st Sep 2006, 20:53
They did make a good job of a very tricky situation. I was lined up behind the a/c as it departed, watched them limp round the circuit and land back with no great difficulty.:D Well done to that crew.

rhythm method
22nd Sep 2006, 01:28
Fantastic job by a BA Connect crew in extremely testing circumstances...

... shame BA management (flight ops) doesn't think they are up to mainline standards. :ugh: