View Full Version : The bmi mainline strike is off!

Dr. Spin
12th Sep 2006, 17:30
Looks like the strike at bmi mainline is off.

BALPA have reached an agreement with the company, but no further details as yet.

13th Sep 2006, 09:13
BALPA state that they have produced an agreement with bmi mainline management.

But no details have been released at all to the members over the last few weeks of meetings.

Somewhat disappointing given the resounding 89% backing.

It remains to be seen as to whether there is anything of substance in this "agreement" - there needs to be a lot there to address the long list of mainline problems.

We await the next newsletter with interest.

And if it does contain the usual midland management mantra of "jam tomorrow" don't forget the 2004 agreement and the promise for 2006 that was unilaterally binned by the comedy management duo.

13th Sep 2006, 09:22
If Balpa have reached agreement then why are they not telling you -- the members -- what agreement that is?


13th Sep 2006, 10:00
That would be rather daft to tell us the details while talks were ongoing.We will hear soon and then we can decide.

Red 69
13th Sep 2006, 10:38
If agreement has been reached then talks aren't ongoing! The members should be privvy to the decisions made and should be allowed to vote on them, unless of course BALPA have secured everything that was asked for. Which I doubt. If agreement has been reached then why weren't we advised of these decisions straight away? I smell a rat!! :suspect:

13th Sep 2006, 10:50
I love the instant cynicism. Just because an "agreement" is reached doesnt mean all the "devil in the detail" has been sorted, and of course members will be informed, and as it is a new offer, I would assume there will also be a ballot.

13th Sep 2006, 11:04
Give them time 747

Dr. Spin
13th Sep 2006, 13:31
and as it is a new offer, I would assume there will also be a ballot.

A newsletter is apparently in the process of being written. Remember that the talks only finished yesterday!

I can only read between the lines here and suggest that there must be some substance to the offer as BALPA need over a month to process it before putting it to a vote by the membership towards the end of October.

When the extremely advantageous Virgin deal was agreed a few years ago the offer was rejected by the membership several times before final agreement was reached.

The state of affairs here at the moment is that BALPA have a proposal that they feel they can put before the membership. Only they can decide whether it is acceptable or not as the case may be.

We should know more in the next few days.

The proof of the pudding is ....etc.:E

13th Sep 2006, 18:57
Looks like common sense has prevailed as it usually does....

"Strike action in BMI, Britain's third biggest airline, has been called off. After ten days of intensive talks, the British Airline Pilots' Association (BALPA) has agreed a way forward with all the airline's divisions with whom BALPA has been in dispute.

'This is the unsung work of unions' commented BALPA General Secretary Jim McAuslan. 'Not posturing, but working away at seemingly intractable problems to come up with long term answers rather than short term fixes.'

The package for each of the 3 divisions in BMI is different and reflects the individual challenges each faces. In bmi mainline members of the defined benefit pension scheme will be provided with another option that allows them to preserve their existing benefit and contribution arrangements by adopting to work extra years. In bmi regional a new set of "lifestyle" principles have been developed that will provide individuals with more certainty to help them plan their lives. And in bmi baby guaranteed time off arrangements have been improved.

There has also been an agreement in principle in all divisions that we will speedily conclude pay negotiations for, in the case of mainline, a 3 year deal covering 2007 to 2009, and pay restructuring. Final proposal will be drawn up by October 20 and then put to ballot. There will be separate discussions on how productivity improvements can be shared between the Company and pilots.

'But underpinning all of the individual disputes there has been a feeling of mistrust which was reflected in the strike votes. Both sides agreed that this needed to be tackled and we made a good start in the way in which negotiations were conducted in an open and inclusive way. We have also jointly agreed to bring in outside support with consultants People in Business being asked to get to the root causes of the relationship problem between management, flight crew and BALPA and produce recommendations.

'It has been a lengthy period of tough negotiations but we have come up with solutions on which we will be consulting members. That is our way - BALPA will always work to find solutions to the most difficult problems.'

Dr. Spin
13th Sep 2006, 19:57
Quote from corporate memmo:

In fact progress was so good that in mainline a three year deal has been agreed in principle to take us through to 31st December 2009 and we are very hopeful a similar deal will be reached by baby and regional.

It is important for everyone to realise no additional pay increases over the 2.4 per cent award were agreed as part of the recent events. We will in due course be talking to all union groups with regard to agreeing a one, two or three year deal for 2007 and beyond.


Looks like a three year deal, with no increase over the 2.4%!!!:sad:

I can't wait to find out (tongue firmly in cheek)!

14th Sep 2006, 07:50
A 3 year deal & no increase over 2.4% Still JAM TOMORROW.

Funny but I thought that was what all the stong feeling leading to a strike ballot was all about! Wonder if they can be trusted to keep this "agreement."

Fancy employing an outside agency to find out why pilots distrust management! I wonder if breaking signed previous ageements has anything to do with it? Surely they are not serious about wasting money on an outside agency as has been suggested, just to discover the obvious?

Val d'Isere
14th Sep 2006, 08:48
I'll simply repeat what I posted on the other thread (the one that got moved for some reason). Just replace "baby" with "mainline".

So tell me if I've got this straight, cos I'm struggling with the logic.

In chronological order...

1 ~ The baby pilots vote to go on strike.

2 ~ BALPA sign an agreement with baby management and say "Oops! Oh dear! The authority to strike lapsed, anyway! What a shame. Never mind.", or something along those lines, but with a cleverer (more practised?) use of bull***t?

3 ~ BALPA then say they'll ask the pilots if the fait accompli they just pulled off behind their backs was OK.

That about correct?

I'd sue BALPA if I were you lot! One way of getting a decent pay rise!

The Moo
14th Sep 2006, 20:33
Anderson Consulting did a review on the company about 6 years ago. the company didn't like what it said so disregarded the findings anyway .

Is this not the same thing ?

I say BALPA don't be fooled it's bluff after bluff. Bmi's plan has always been draw it out till everyone looses the will to live or leaves .

I've flown for over 12 yrs and the bmi guy/girls are the best plse plse don't be sucked in again yo these same old tactics.