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Dan Winterland
23rd Sep 2001, 15:41
After the Daily Telegraphs' Carole Cadwallader aiding our demise by saying she wouldn't fly in the travel section of Saturday 15ths edition, I notice this mornings' Sunday Telegraph has published an article entitled 'Reclaim the skies' based on the travelling publics comments. It has some encouraging responses.

People must realise that now the terrorists have used this new technique once, it is far less likely to work a second time and therefore unlikely to be used again. The fourth hijacked aircraft was disabled by the passengers after they had heard two had already run into the twin towers.

23rd Sep 2001, 16:24
A resent (post 11.) survey shows only 1 in 10 norwegians consider changing their travelplans because of WTC. 96% says flying on domestic routes is fairly or very safe, while 80% says international flights are safe.
I agree norwegians are not a large part of the travelling public, but it shows SLFs have a mind of their own, and using it too!

cosmo kramer
24th Sep 2001, 04:27
Did you say only 1 out of 10?

How many jobs do you think 10 percent equates to?

24th Sep 2001, 11:33
I said CONSIDER. 1 out of 10 is not bad, knowing apx 50% of the SLFs are more or less scared of flying, Mind you, that 50% figure was said to be valid before WTC. I fully agree that if 10% were to cansel their flights worldwide, it would be serious for us all.
Personally I expected a larger number of pax thinking things over.

Amazon man
24th Sep 2001, 13:04
Im all for a free Press buts lets have some responsible reporting, I can well remember during the Gulf War a conservative government minister advising people not to fly, that helped to finish off Air Europe.

In addition all this talk of Armageddon and light aircraft spraying chemicals over our cities doesn't help the situation.

During the 20th century we have come through 2 world wars 2 atomic bombs and numerous other smaller wars, we are still here and will be after this as will be the aviation industry, lets start seeing some more positive talk.