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Small Hawk
23rd Sep 2001, 14:01
I’m presently in the process of constructing a letter to my MP and the PM requesting a little “shoulder to shoulder” with his own electorate / taxpayers.

I am concerned that Mr Gordon Brown hasn’t quite sorted his sums and the cost of laying off all these staff in the long term far out-weighs the possible savings made in the short term according to the blinkered accountants.

With That nice ;) mister Bush fellow giving his Airlines US$ 15B may be his accountants feel there is a future in the airline industry (and they intend to grab it first.)

Unlike with the more general thread here: Any concrete word on how many pilot jobs to go at the airlines? , I am after not one individual’s suggestion for morbid curiosity but a collective estimate from those directly involved in order to improve their case.

Thank you. :)

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23rd Sep 2001, 14:08
Small Hawk, its probably too early to say but the figures guessed for Virgin Atlantic are in the reagion of 230 pilots, 550 cabin crew and approx. 450 grond staff.

Any help?

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