View Full Version : BA Airbus incident 1/9

3rd Sep 2006, 19:48
Anyone got any info on the BA airbus last Friday at MAN (approx 1630z)

It would appear that the nosegear turned through 90deg on taxi blowing the tyres. Full emergency call out.

Is this the same fault as the pictures of the American ones that had it on landing?

Is it a serious inherent fault with Airbus?

3rd Sep 2006, 21:34
It seems that the bolt through the steering torque link sheared.Its back at Heathrow now.

4th Sep 2006, 06:33
<<Full emergency call out.>>

The incident may not have been as exciting as that suggests. Any such incident occurring to an aircraft on the ground will result in a turn-out of the safety services. Eg Burst tyre, smoking brakes, collision with vehicle on the stand, etc. It doesn't necessarily mean that lives are in danger. At some airfields this may be called an "Aircraft Ground Incident" and the response is similar to "Full Emergency".