View Full Version : British World Airlines - How is it weathering the storm?

29th Oct 2001, 22:39
I know that British World Airlines has started a fleet expansion program with 757s - just wondering how things were going in this tough climate...

Is the expansion program continuing and are pilots still being recruited? As for the 757s, can pilots get hired into the 757 or are upgrades from within the company? Where would a reasonably-high hour new-hire begin - 733?

Maybe Hamrah could enlighten us...

Wish everyone the best in this difficult airline industry climate!


Dry Martini
30th Oct 2001, 01:09
Awaiting an imminent update ourselves, but last news was major expansion of 733 and 757 fleets still on for next year.
Work for a number of operators to limit liability if one went down.
We just need to ride-out the tough winter first...
By the way Lavdumper our 757 is full etops, but the company isn't yet, so unless you're on holiday, Chicago may be a little far...

30th Oct 2001, 06:00
Dry Martini
I think you have been drinking to much of the stuff.Whilst I sincerely hope BWA survives look at the facts and have yourself plan B.
After the last debacle in the industry BWA purchased the DAN 1-11 fleet for about 10 quid. This was followed by a 10 year boom in european aviation with every airline short of capacity. This is the enviroment which the ex post office worker who is now your sales director cut his teeth. Ad-HOC airlines rely on this enviroment to survive.
Everybody is cutting back.The remarks by your management are for city consumption to try and hold the share price.Good Luck but if BWA survive it will be a bloody miricle

Dry Martini
30th Oct 2001, 18:41
yes of course there is a fair element of hype, since all in the industry are dependent on the continuing faith of the banks.
Gill was a good example of a company that appeared to have turned the corner to a slightly profitable future, but then the bank took fright, and now we will never know how it might have turned out..
Incidentally, the european carriers including holiday charter appear to be cutting back out of proportion to the reduction in passenger numbers.Therefore any ad hoc carrier available to fill in next summer could make a mint.
Yes I am well aware of the company history, and we have had at least one well-timed miracle each year for as long as I can remember.