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28th Oct 2001, 18:11
Herd a rumour Maersk are to dispense with the services of up to 80 flight deck.

Hydraulic Palm Tree
28th Oct 2001, 18:41
Have been told by a mate that a mutual friend has been given 5 days notice. Only joined the company in the spring!


28th Oct 2001, 22:26
Are you talking DM or VB?

Gandalf The Wizard
29th Oct 2001, 10:48
We're talking VB. It's a total of approx 80 staff, including about 20 pilots. Boeing fleet being all but dismantled. Very sad for the poor sods that have recently joined the fleet.

Miss Management
29th Oct 2001, 11:48
Hey don't get all excited. It's only 10 or 11 pilots now. Yes the 737 is leaving, only one remains as opposed to 3 (for the winter).
Lots of pissed off staff though, CRJ conversions galore, but what the heck, it's still a job and the CRJ 700 is really pretty.
Some more to come next year.
This is a temporary setback only.

Devils Advocate
29th Oct 2001, 12:21
But hold on one minute - I thought Maersk had recently (about two weeks ago) managed to win the contract for the setup / replacement (to a JAA standard) of Air Kazakhstan ( I kid you not ), in a deal which was brokered by BAe, in which they (Maersk) were bidding against British World Airlines (who'd already set up a similar operation, i.e. as the AOC holder for NJI), and requiring the use of B737-500's.

The Government of that country apparently want this operation of the ground ASAP, coz they're not that happy with the present operation.

Uhm, one might say that the folks at Maersk are seemingly playing this info very close to their chest ?!

29th Oct 2001, 13:50
The BAe operation in Kazakhstan is called Air Astana and they are looking at 737s -- but VB as the source is news to me.

29th Oct 2001, 14:38
The Kazakh job is DM, NOT VB


29th Oct 2001, 15:08
Given the confusion which still seems to reign between Maersk Air (Denmark) and Maersk Air (UK) Limited, isn't time for the UK operation to change its name? Birmingham European anyone?

29th Oct 2001, 16:57
Rumour is that Excel may have approeched Maersk management to borrow some 73 drivers for next summer ;)

29th Oct 2001, 19:58
ok itchy, where has that one come from ?

30th Oct 2001, 03:33
I could tell you but I would have to shoot you

30th Oct 2001, 21:13
A quote from the Maersk Forum:

"It could be to do with the Danes having lost their bacon and in the ensuing panic they have made the MOST REGRETTABLE STUPID MOVE if there ever was one.

Now with a most disgruntled workforce, this company is looking as promising as a decaying load of steaming diarrhoea on the grass."

30th Oct 2001, 23:25
and your point is stelios ???

I can't imagine Maersk is the only airline with low morale at the moment

31st Oct 2001, 02:59
Not sure what his point is, but still good enough to serve as a salutory reminder that we should all watch what we say, even on private forums, as there is always someone prepared to pass it on..

Fool's Hole
31st Oct 2001, 12:33

I guess what he's saying is that the company is like a pile of **ap. Why is he saying it?
Perhaps because what is happening within. The mis-treatment of people, the demotions and all the big mistakes by management.
Anyway, how much money are they saving by axing 2 x 737s? Perhaps the total of 10 pilots and 20-30 cabin crew? I mean, were the cuts really that necessary?