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Ron Herb
24th May 2001, 02:14
Continuing where F/O Horrendous left off some 5 + days ago.....
Yes, it's happened again!
Perhaps a national monument should be set up with the names of the martyrs - Scobbie, White (several), Baillie, Gillespie, Beaumont, etc.
Why do all airlines with the merd-ass touch of the archbishopric behave the same way??
Horry may be right about the Au handshake theory, but we cannot rule out major cerebral damage. The odds of receiving serious cranial impact increase almost exponentially with time spent on the golf course.
So SG and his chums Jim wetlettuce and Andy notso are prepared to sacrifice jobs, livelihoods, and their pretend airline for what? A place in heaven?
O.K. Huzz is a pretty slapdash aviator. I mean, +/- 5 seconds to arrive at a display site, why couldn't he and his showbiz mates get it right! Seriously, the man's talents are exceptional (but riding a 750 viagra puts one area in doubt!).
Murdo and Pete don't exactly fall far behind, too.
I cannot find words to express what I really feel - not printable anyway.

PPRuNe Radar
24th May 2001, 03:47
We have a Loganair thread already so I'll close this one.


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