View Full Version : Air Europe Italy sacking,correct version

See bee
27th Oct 2001, 22:44
Just read the recent posting regarding this issue. It makes you wonder if we ever get the truth regarding events. How many of us have been witness to an event then read about what appears to be a completely different story.
The captain concerned had already given cause for concern regarding his CRM capability.Had threatened to handcuff a passenger for smoking onboard(not such a bad idea perhaps).
On this occasion he objected to a late "cabin secure" clearence from the purser.After landing in Rome-FCO the ensuing discussion over the matter quickly became out of hand with the captain confirming to all that he was in fact the captain,turning extremely aggressive & telling the purser to "Zip your mouth", his seeming catch phrase. After further argueing with the ramp agent over when to start refuelling he demanded that the police be called & the purser be removed. The airport security police turned up in force & were non to pleased to be called out for such a banal reason, but the purser voluntarily disembarked, quite happy to be out of the situation. The flight continued to the Maldives with the No.2 acting as No.1.
Quite rightly the company took a dim view of this rather odd behavior from somebody vested with the responsibilty of flying their multi million dollar aircraft around the world, & releaved him of his duties.