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The Guvnor
27th Oct 2001, 14:24
From today's Scotsman:

Couple outraged after two-day trip from Glasgow to Shetland
Michelle Nichols
([email protected])

MIDDLE-AGED couple travelling from Glasgow to Shetland had to endure a gruelling 40-hour journey by road, air and sea for a trip that would normally have taken just four hours by plane.

When Harry and Catherine Ratter boarded their Loganair flight at Glasgow Airport, they expected to arrive home just a few hours later, but instead spent two days travelling by plane, ferry, bus and car.

After a mistake with their flight left them stranded in Aberdeen, the couple were forced to embark on the nightmare journey that took so long they could have made a round-the-world trip from Glasgow via London, Sydney, and Los Angeles in the same time.

And, remarkably, their luggage that had been lost along the way managed to arrive home in Shetland before they did.

Mr and Mrs Ratter were told they would have to wait a week for a connection flight to Shetland after they were flown from Glasgow to Inverness instead of Aberdeen. So Loganair staff suggested the couple spend £100 on a two-hour taxi trip to Aberdeen so they could board the ferry to Lerwick.

Mr Ratter, 55, a crane driver, said: "It was unbelievable. We normally fly via Aberdeen but we were told at the last minute we were flying to Inverness, which was quite strange.

"When we arrived at Inverness airport we were told it was too foggy to fly. The weather didnít seem that bad but the staff at the airport said it would be six days until we could fly to Shetland.

"When we asked if we could fly back to Glasgow, they said it would be another week before we got a flight, which was ridiculous."

Despite being assured by staff at Loganair that a cabin had been booked for them on the ferry to Lerwick, they arrived to find they did not have a reservation and were forced to pay £140 for the 23-hour journey - which was spent sitting upright on plastic seats.

When the couple, who live in Ollaberry in Shetland, eventually arrived in Lerwick at 7.30pm the following night they then had to travel another 28 miles to Sumburgh airport where they had left their car.

Mr Ratter said: "Ferry staff eventually booked us on a coach and we finally got home at ten oíclock that night. We had left our daughterís flat in Glasgow at six oíclock the previous morning.

"Our luggage was sitting waiting for us at the door of the house. There must have been a flight to Shetland from Inverness because I donít know how else it would have got back. Next time Iím going to travel with the luggage with a name-tag on my back. I would have a better chance of getting home."

Mr Ratter, a father-of-three who has lived in Shetland all his life, said it is ridiculous that people living on the isles have to spend a small fortune just to fly to the mainland.

He said: "Flights are so expensive, it cost us about £170 each for a ticket home and that was because we booked them months in advance. Although the money was wasted since we didnít get to fly.

"Oil-workers get priority on cheap-flights and if there are any cancelled flights they get first choice on the next one. Yet us locals are shunted from pillar to post and have to survive an incredible journey before we get home."

Mr Ratter said he was disgusted at the way he and his wife Catherine, 51, had been treated and hoped Loganair would pay them compensation.

A spokesman for Loganair said yesterday: "We would not fly passengers in bad weather. Alternative arrangements are always made for passengers on cancelled flights but I cannot comment on what happened in Aberdeen. They should have had seats reserved on the ferry."


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27th Oct 2001, 14:49
Riddled with inaccuracies and journalistic nonsense. Shame on you Guv for posting such drivel. :mad:

27th Oct 2001, 14:59
Sounds like a business opportunity, Guv!
Go for it! :D

Raw Data
27th Oct 2001, 15:53
Well, Meeb, if you are so sure it's not accurate, why not post the actual version of events...???

I well remember taking three days to get from Sumburgh to EDI, and I was flying the plane!! :D :D :D

Mind you, most embarrassing gaffe goes to The Guvnor, who seems to think that the Shetlands and the Orkneys are the same place... shame on you Guv!! :rolleyes:

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27th Oct 2001, 16:23
I DO apologise! Sorry to post such drivel! My therapist has also reminded me that the same journey with GuvAir could take anything upwards of three years, assuming my pilots (useless overpaid machine minders) actually knew the difference between the Orkneys and the Shetlands, and actually had some aircraft to fly in the first place. Maybe I should expand my thriving minicab business into the Highlands.
:D :D :D

The Guvnor
27th Oct 2001, 16:39
Ooops!! :o :o :o

Sorry about that - had the Orkneys on my mind for some reason! :D :D :D Error corrected.

Raw Data
27th Oct 2001, 20:00
Hmmm, L1011's into Kirkwall, that could be interesting...!!! :D :D

There's always Flotta...

27th Oct 2001, 22:45
The company motto always was "If you've got time to spare-fly Loganair" Oh what Jolly good fun we had ! Eh Andy?

27th Oct 2001, 23:39
Some people forget that what Loganair offer (with govement subsidy)is a lifeline to the mainland.They choose to live there.The flying conditions are very harsh,we have to cope with small,wet runways with restrictions on performance due to high terrain and often non precision approches which neccitates in increased weather mininma.
It sounds like this couple had a very unfortunate time,a lot of(if not all) was out of Loganair's control.
As far as the number of services to LSI and KOI from GLA and INV;well just check the BA flight schedule,there are quite a few most days.
Sometimes I think that alot of the people who live up in Shetland,Orkney and the Western Isles expect a 737 to operate for them(first class mind),6 times daily.
Maybe you will take this up.....Guvnor!!

Raw Data
28th Oct 2001, 00:50
Not just that, but they expect to be able to turn up at STD-30 secs and still travel, and bring 200kg of baggage with them.

Still, the Lighthouse 1A (33) approach into LSI is still great fun, one of THE flying experiences I reckon... particularly in a Viscount...

28th Oct 2001, 13:27
Actually, it's the "Orkney Islands", commonly shortened to the "Orkneys". Same for the Shetland Islands. :rolleyes:

28th Oct 2001, 16:19
Am I the only one who finds it confusing and iritating to have 2 "The Guvnor"s. I also find it very strange that the system allows 2 names which are exactly the same except for case.
I have a couple of times now accidently read the drivel from THE GUVNOR thinking that it was The Guvnor.
Can't you Pprune Gods remove the interloper or at least refuse him the name.
While your at it you may as well get rid of GUVNOR as well.
This site is confusing enough without adding to it with duplicate names.
:confused: :confused: :confused:

The Guvnor
28th Oct 2001, 17:19
sirwa69 - imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but it's confusing for me as well! One of my colleagues emailed me a couple of weeks back horrified that he thought I was 'born again' after seeing one of the posts, saying:

Is that you, Neil? Christ, what are you up to???
Who am I going to spar with?
Who is going to wind up the Atlas yanks?
This is awful.
I bet it's those UFO people who have grabbed you to go to starbase Z to run a low cost intergalactic saucer service.
They left us with a defanged clone to cover up the kidnap.

Luckily, I was able to set his mind at rest - but yes, I agree. Let's get rid of them please.

PS - I tried making haggisonastick the other day as a savoury option to taffyapples. Unfortunately, the skins still present a problem (though not to my dog, who loves them); and without them the haggis just crumbles! Any suggestions? :D :D :D

28th Oct 2001, 17:40
Freeze it. Haggis ice lolly's yum yum ;) ;)

28th Oct 2001, 21:21
Still, at least Loganair didn't poison the Ratters, the way they did one of their own pilots. He hasn't worked since March, and not likely to.