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LTN man
13th Jan 2002, 12:41
The following has been posted to Alt.travel.uk.air Anyone care to comment?

I flew RyanAir to Venice Treviso from London Stansted last Tuesday and when we arrived in Treviso all the passengers were told that no hold
luggage had been loaded on to the plane !!!!

Nobody from Ryanair was at the (small) airport and all the staff could do was take our names, telephone numbers & address (where we were staying) ask us to contact them to find out when our luggage had arrived. We tried several times over the next couple of days, with no luck.

Finally on the day of our return to the UK (Thurs 10) we arrived back at Treviso and were reunited with our bags, just in time to check them in again for the homebound flight. What gets me is that the plane must had weighed totally different
without any hold luggage and that the flight crew must have known before we took off. If my bags had been loaded and I didn't board then
I understand the plane would be delayed whilst they took my bags off(for security reasons), so why should I fly without my bags, as they
must have then flown them on a different plane to me!!!

Talking with other passengers some even pointed out to the aircrew that they could see their bags on the tarmac and were told "no they are going to another destination". The Captain (Gary ???) must have know the situation and it was very poor for the Ryanair aircrew not to have told anybody themselves, but to leave the Treviso airport staff
to take all initial frustration from the passengers.

There must be some very *odd* practises on load control at Eireflop, as such weights and that of males, females, children and infants are
taken into account when calculating take-off weight for fuel and V1 V2 -the captain must have known, he signed for the load sheets.

No Mode Charlie
13th Jan 2002, 14:52
Sure, that would have been a fun flight:

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. I've just been informed that your luggage will not be coming with us today bezause of some problem with the loaders. Now sit back, relax and please do not get angry with the cabin-crew, it's not their fault.

No matter what airline, I don't think any captain would create a mass attack on his cabin-crew that way! This just to comment on your remark that the captain should have told you.

13th Jan 2002, 15:06
Why shouldn't the airline take the flack for there own incompetance. OK its not the Cabin crews job to ensure the bags are on board but it surely is the Captains responsability to know whats on his aircraft and what isn't. The Captain should never have left before the bags had been loaded. It caused untold inconveneiance for many pax. I have had bad experiences with Ryanair and they will never get me as a pax again.

13th Jan 2002, 15:08
there's no excuse for this. I'd say a lot of pax would have preferred to wait for a later flight that actuallt brought their luggage. Mick is pretty lucky someone didn't pack critical prescription drugs in their cases!

13th Jan 2002, 15:48
I suspect the Captain thourght that the bags had been loaded. The weight diference would have showed up on his sector fuel burn thats about all.
This happens now and then when the ramp staff lose the plot.(send 2 & 4 pence we are going to a dance)
Last one I heard of was when an a/c got surrounded by police. The crew were then told that the guns (4 tons of) had not been unloaded at the previouse base.
For those of you not crew this happens as the holds are often the last doors to be closed. The flight crew only go on what they have been told by the dispatchers. Personally I would be very surprised if any Captain would go without all the passengers Bags. Just not moral is it!

Max Angle
13th Jan 2002, 15:49
Very frustrating for all the passengers and not really something one can make and excuse for. It's not really the Captains fault though, there was clearly a problem with baggage loading or screening and the bags could not be put on the flight before departure. Somebody else ie. Operations will most probably have made the decision to go and there is very little that the skipper can do about it. There are limits to your authority and if the company want you to go without the luggage then go you will, it's not your aircraft and in that situation you really have to just bite the bullet and get on with it regardless of your own feelings on the matter. Perhaps the pax. should write to O'Leary and see what he has to say for himself, don't hold your breath though.

boss man
13th Jan 2002, 19:44
O'Leary has said that his pax are the great unwashed, so your surprised your bag didn’t fly with you.

Dose any one have anything good to say about Ryan air all I ever hear is how bad they are???

13th Jan 2002, 21:46
I hear that Go's latest aircraft is being named in recognition of RyanAir's boss - G-IGOB!!

15th Jan 2002, 01:31
If all the lugage is missing, there is a need to check what happened. Normal airlines inform their passengers, take it to the destination as fast as possible, even by sending it with other operators. I guess theres no world outside Ryanair for Ryanair.

Bad thing, poor management, ground and flight staff.


15th Jan 2002, 04:59
You might want to check out the problems Air Canada is having with baggage before flying with them. Problems stemming from the ordered dovetailing of the seniority lists of Canadian and Air Canada station attendants. It seems neither side is satisfied and are taking their frustrations out on the pax by booking off sick.

The latest I heard was yesterdays (13/01/02) YYZ-ORD pax arrived with YYZ-SFO luggage. God only knows where Their luggage went <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

Flyin' High
16th Jan 2002, 14:15
[quote] . Mick is pretty lucky someone didn't pack critical prescription drugs in their cases! <hr></blockquote>

There is no luck involved, Ryanair conditons of Carraige CLEARLY states that medication should not be carried in hold baggage. If pax do not agree with the conditions there are plenty of other airlines to choose.

With ref to getting luggage to pax using other airlines... 1. Are there any other airlines operating Stansted/Treviso? 2. Ryanair has no interline agreements and no other airlines will carry FR bags (nor will FR carry anyone elses).

Also we are not aware of all the facts, aircraft regularly need to operate at reduced weights due to slight tech faults such as anti-skid defects etc.... in this situation it is always better to offload bags rather than pax.

[quote] Dose any one have anything good to say about Ryan air all I ever hear is how bad they are???

At the end of the day the phrase which sums up Ryanair has to be - YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR -

If you are looking to travel between A and B as cheaply as possible then they take some beating. If you want to carry anything out of the Ordinary you have to pay for the privledge (ie skis, dogs etc) and if you want "Frills" then dont fly with a "NO FRILLS" airline.

16th Jan 2002, 14:57
"At the end of the day the phrase which sums up Ryanair has to be - YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR"

Flyin High, Surely you have paid for you and your bags to travel to a destination of your choice? I can understand the lack of free booze etc, but lack of your luggage?

16th Jan 2002, 16:23
Ryanair are an airline (or so I've been led to believe). An airline provides a service. The service is to fly the passenger from A to B with their luggage. If a Ryanair aircraft were to go technical in a frighteningly huge way due to a maintenance defect tomorrow, and there was proof that skimping to cut costs led to the failure, would anyone try to tell relatives of the dead that 'they got what they paid for' ? There are certain minimum standards of service, one of which is fulfilling your core competence.

I am not suggesting that Ryanair skimp on maintenance either. It is just my flippant example of how certain aspects of air transport should go without saying regardless of the cost of the ticket - ie the 'transport' itself.

Perhaps someone could tell me how these flights which redeliver incorrectly transported baggage to the intended destination without the owners on board are cleared to carry it ? Is the baggage subjected to extra checks and pressure chamber testing etc ?

Flyin' High
16th Jan 2002, 16:50
You are correct in this statement, and the airline will carry pax and baggae to the chosen destination but not necessarily on the same flight. This is by no means a common occurance but it does happen and not just with Ryanair.

All unaccompanied or "Rush" bags must have extra security checks made - the detail of which are not appropriate for a public forum, suffice to say that extra security checks are undertaken.

16th Jan 2002, 19:00
Flyin' High, I am aware airlines lose baggage and that it is a common occurence. I have had it happen myself. But it can't be that common for the aircraft to depart with all the bags missing can it?

Flyin' High
16th Jan 2002, 22:32
[quote] But it can't be that common for the aircraft to depart with all the bags missing can it? <hr></blockquote>

That is my point exactly, it is not something which happens often which suggests there is good reason for the bags being left behind.

It is probably quite right that the crew on-board the aircraft do NOT tell the pax that bags are missing, they are in a confined space with the pax and have no idea what is going to be done to resolve the issue. It is the job of the handling agent to reunite luggage with passengers.

Just spare a thought for the poor sole at the destination airport who needs to take a barrage of abuse from an entire flight load of passengers - all of whom have onward connections/business meetings etc and demand that the bag is delivered, NOW!!!

16th Jan 2002, 22:38
Flyin' High:

Thank you for stating a point that I had in mind. You lot out there need to grow up. Even if your FR ticket cost 100+, it's still the cheapest you'll find and while it is annoying to not have your bags, I'm sure you'd have rather flown with the bags not there than not flown at all.
Also, safety is not jeopardised in any way so if the crew decide not to carry luggage it's surely in everybody's best interest.

16th Jan 2002, 22:55
"You lot out there need to grow up"

A touch of the MOL there, eh?

Peter Skellan
16th Jan 2002, 23:14
FlyingIrishMan - you are without doubt the most obsequious O'Leary ass kissing idiot I have ever witnessed on these pages.

You don't even TRY to maintain some degree of objectivity, levity or candidness.

It would not suprise me if you were not the man himself.


16th Jan 2002, 23:25
MOL - your ethics (and Ryanairs) are lower than a Rattle Snakes belly in a Cattle rut.

For those of you who what the FU24 does, perhaps a load of Fish & Fowl manure should "Cleanse" MOL a little!!!!!!

Sweet smelling dreams now###### :)