View Full Version : Thomsonfly Emerg at EGHH

18th Jul 2006, 13:06
Any info on the thomsonfly coming into Bournemouth this morning? Fire crews met the a/c on landing. Cheers

18th Jul 2006, 13:10
Unconfirmed but think it may have been a flap issue!

18th Jul 2006, 13:38
must have disturbed the donkeys on the beach

18th Jul 2006, 17:48
The flight was from Jersey to Doncaster with 130 plus passengers on board .

Why it should divert on route seems a bit odd unless the engineering facilities are a lot better but you would think they would go to Luton??

21st Jul 2006, 21:20
They would probably conduct an emergency brief prior to flight for the possibility of a significant system failure which would normally be a return to the point of departure in the event of a fire or a major cabin emergency, but in the case of Jersey, the nearest suitable in the event of a flap fail would be Bournmouth since Jersey has a short runway.

Having made that decision prior to takeoff, it would not be wise to change the plan for engineering or commercial reasons as the crew would be too busy planning the approach into Bournmouth to contact the company for commercial guidance because these requirements are generally thought to be less of a priority than flight safety.

Of course it won't be long before a call to maintrol, crewing, ops, and the handling agents will be SOP before running the QRH!!

Maybe a quick show of hands in the cabin would be in order too just to complete the picture of the ocurrence in the event that the crew and their hodful of paperwork need to take a trip to the fleet office.

21st Jul 2006, 23:50
Jeez, why should my trip be delayed by an in-flight tech problem causing a diversion!!
Re-instate the flight engineer with EVA training and sufficient spares to allow in-flight repair as per the Space Shuttle. :)

On reflection, with new Corporate Manslaughter proposed - just get me on the ground asap!

blue up
22nd Jul 2006, 09:27
"PROPOSING Corporate Manslaughter"??????

I knew they wanted to reduce the wage bill. Are they planning to cull the senior captains on scale 2 pay first?