View Full Version : VS ground incident LGW 5th July.

In trim
5th Jul 2006, 18:15
Rumours of a coming-together between a VS aircraft and a blast fence at LGW today? Any news?

5th Jul 2006, 22:25
On V-Flyer, they are saying it was VS33 to ANU with a gashed wingtip
Aircraft reported as being G-VLIP Hot Lips

6th Jul 2006, 00:37
Saw it just after the event actually. Just after I finished breakfast from Big Ed's (great food now by the way) so about 08.30-09.00 local. Pushed back 'long to allow traffic onto stand' from the satellite or 'Pier 3' as it's now known, stand 36/37 I think. Believe it was G-VLIP/Hot Lips.

When I saw the aircraft it's main wheels were slap bang diddly on the centerline of the taxiway, but the right winglet was up against the blast fence. Couldn't see any damage from my perspective (and don't think there was any significant) certainly nothing obvious.

Fire brigade attended and left shortly after, believe Airfield Ops and engineers went up in a cherry-picker to assess the situation.

Aircraft was then towed forwards onto stand 33. Heard a rumour that one wheel was in the grass but don't think that's true as moved forward very easily with no-one looking at the gear and as mentioned before it was on the centreline of the taxiway.

Think I saw it depart mid afternoon. Don't quote me on it but the takeoff roll was long enough (it seemed) for it not to be a positioner so assuming servicable to carry pax.

Just the day before an Ethiopian 767 taxied right around the satelite towards 38 and taxied right up to the blast fence leaving no room for a turn and had to be pushed back. Apparently 767's don't have a reverse gear?

Oh and an Excel 757 landed on local standby with cracked windscreen.

Standard procedure.

Non event.

"Just another day at EGKK!"

Virgin Boi
8th Jul 2006, 07:50
LIP didnt go anywhere that day, GAL operated the flight with an 8 hour delay - taking off at 17.30.

8th Jul 2006, 14:11
I knew there was a reason I use extra vigilance when I taxi around LGW.I'm not a regular visitor.