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5th Jul 2006, 09:00
A short and rough translation from 20min.ch (http://www.20min.ch/news/wirtschaft/story/21381972)a free boulevard press/media.

The Swiss pilots union Aeropers announced that it would strike over disputed CCA. Should LX fire, dismiss with the option of altered conditions of employment or otherwise move parts of the airbus operation of airbus pilots then Aeropers sees itself forced to strike and/or take industrial actions.

Negotiations between the parties involved were abandoned last Friday. Pilots are in non-contract state since Saturday.

5th Jul 2006, 09:39
Irony of ironies! :ooh: The picture that 20min.ch uses for this article about the ex-swissair pilots is a picture of the ex-crossair pilots demonstrating for half livable working conditions a while back. Since then the ex-crossair pilots have been shafted into a shell company having to sign individual contracts with massively worse condition or 'take a walk' (while the ex-swissair pilots still remain in the company that they recenctly joined after the demise of swissair). It certainly puts a new spin on the concept of "one hand scratching the other"... :hmm:

6th Jul 2006, 05:52
...and the poster says:
"we (the ex-Crossair pilots) gave them (the ex-Swissair pilots) a job, now they sack us."

Ex-Crossair pilots have been refused to have a CLA (collective labor contract) and all talks with their union has been stopped, while Swiss tries hard to continue the talks with ex-Swissair although they threatened to strike.

Robert Vesco
6th Jul 2006, 08:08
Ex-Crossair pilots have been refused to have a CLA (collective labor contract) and all talks with their union has been stopped, while Swiss tries hard to continue the talks with ex-Swissair although they threatened to strike. Well, like it or not Dani, but thatīs exactly what we should have done when those ex-Swissair termites moved into our company: STRIKE! :hmm:

6th Jul 2006, 14:23
You're sooo right, Robert!
Unfortunately the company minded Chris Frick took over, which cumulated finally in the obedient vote fraud - for which they have been punished with keeping them off CLA talks...

I hate to say it but ex-Crx pilots got only what they deserved.

7th Jul 2006, 03:22
You never grow up, do you? Continue to play the managements game only proves how dumb you really are, have always been.
I've never been a friend of Aeropers and god knows how they screwed up. Their only rescue was that there is a union even more stupid than themselves! By constantly and blindly blaming the "other" union for every demise, you comfortably take the management (the earlier and the actual one) out of the line of fire, which suits them perfectly: They stay the shiny rescuers of Swiss only obstrued by the ugly pilots. Do you think the public can differentiate between the two groups, or do you think they even want it? They're fed up, that's it.
Who saved who or what and when by which means is catfood. It's about survival and as long as there's a fatal rivalry remaining, it only weakens both parties.
Grow up!
And to the ancient cold war warriers who have long abandoned ship: Leave the others home alone and get a life.

7th Jul 2006, 12:53
I'm about to type "oh no, not again...."

Every other union would do the same. So what? As long as they are only threatening, it's only war of words...

9th Jul 2006, 11:22
How to save a national image - was never about drivers... If anything it was more about banks, manipulating the government and populace so as to save their backsides.

The poor integration attitude of the long haulers was a factor that helped the short haulers get badly mauled. The problem is however today completely different... Just think it through.... As LH South, all are expendable as the slots can be carried across to LH if needed. Most aircraft are leased and almost instantly returnable. Also many of the routes have been wet leased and Chris's brief from the LH management... my guess would be that he was told to outsource and off shore all that he could and then make the rest implode... his golden handshake is almost certainly already safe and sound.

Who looses most ... the crews and their families ? Perhaps not because as luck would have it, drivers who are willing to move can find jobs at present; unless of course they are so Swiss minded that they would not sell their house or strike to protect their rights... (am NOT impressed abut the local sense of SOLIDARITY unfortunately).

However who really suffers most ... we the paying public and your customers, but by the time we get around to seeing things the way they really are, the situation will have gone from bad to worse and through the floor. AND THE Winner IS.... only LH, who for a song get rid of what used to be a more prestigious competitor and potentially gain a new territory.

If you don't believe - just think back and continue to watch this space, its only a matter of time.:yuk: