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Sir Kitt Braker
12th Jan 2002, 18:47
Extract from "Men's Health" magazine:

"If you tend to get sick on aeroplanes,choose a seat near the right side of the aircraft (most flight plans call for planes to circle left- so you'll feel less turbulence than anyone else)"

30 years in the saddle and I never knew that!

12th Jan 2002, 19:13
Just watch'em holding above Biggin on a fine day, all going right around.

Pilot Pete
12th Jan 2002, 19:32
Is that why F/O's don't get airsick then? :)

13th Jan 2002, 17:12
I think Men's Health magazine should inform the JAA and the FAA of the new standard left-hand holds.

14th Jan 2002, 00:14
F/O's seldom get "airsick" until the duty day approaches 14 hours plus.... BUT the really keen ones' are awake for 18 hours. Then, .....Captain's beers all 'round.

14th Jan 2002, 04:03
The right side is also where all the best views are. Right?

14th Jan 2002, 05:00
I think that Men's Health ought to bear in mind that the 'Right hand side' of the aircraft becomes the left, the moment that you become inverted.

Which is also the moment that air sickness becomes more of a problem.

14th Jan 2002, 08:40
So First Officers are the 'right stuff' and Captains are left over? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

Through difficulties to the cinema

14th Jan 2002, 13:48
Perhaps I shouldn’t go so far as to call it a popular magazine but they still reach a lot of readers. If they had any idea of the impact a statement like this has. Now all those who has read this will want sit on the right side of the plane due to medical reasons. It’s like superstition, very few believe it to be true if you ask them but many will do all sorts of silly things just to be on the safe side.