View Full Version : Stansted Gets Continental Service to US

11th Oct 2000, 13:28
STANSTED claimed entry to the premier league of European airports yesterday by announcing the launch of scheduled long-haul services.
Continental Airlines, the American carrier, will operate a daily flight to its base at New York Newark, where it supplies connections to 165 destinations in the United States, Canada and Latin America.

For Stansted, where passenger numbers have doubled to 11 million during the past three years, the development is another milestone in its effort to overtake Gatwick as Britain's second gateway for passengers on scheduled flights.

The Essex airport's scheduled total exceeded Manchester's for the first time last year. Though it remains about eight million behind Gatwick, its potential for long-term growth is greater, partly because it is more likely to accommodate an additional runway.

Stansted's popularity with travellers from north-east London and East Anglia has drawn in nearly 30 airlines, including established European flag carriers as well as low-cost operators such as Ryanair, Go and Buzz.

The airport now offers flights to 91 European destinations, a network that is likely to prove attractive to more long-haul airlines as peak-time runway slots at Heathrow and Gatwick dry up.

12th Oct 2000, 05:55
Oh sure NOW they do it, now that I don't work at STN and commute to New Jersey anymore ....


12th Oct 2000, 12:08
Guess I was a bit premature, this service does not start until May 2001, "subject to Government approval".

Is that last statement true? I thought that the ageement with the US only covered flights from LHR and LGW.

Also, didn't someone try a transatlantic service before, from Stansted? I seem to remember that it didn't last long.

They had better improve on transport, reports this week of Stansted Express taking over 5 hours between Liverpool Street and the airport on Monday night. Managed to get pax there by 02:00hrs Tuesday morning!!

12th Oct 2000, 13:14
I think it was American, back in the early 90's with 767's?

Not sure of the destination - probably ORD? Anyone else got a better memory!

12th Oct 2000, 13:45
A-3XX in jeopardy. Maybe Boeing is right about the future market for airliners?

The whole logic was 600 seats to the main hubs. Why not offer more services point-to-point rather than pay for a huge aircraft with limited utility?

Just look at the sales figures for 777s this year.

12th Oct 2000, 22:01

Your memory is just fine! It was American and they flew 767's to ORD. Their last service was 7 years ago.

13th Oct 2000, 04:44
Yippee!! Please make it happen! No more M25!

1st May 2001, 15:43
I understand this service is due to start today, with flight 78 leaving Newark at 19:00hrs, and returning from Stansted at 09:30hrs (both times local).

757 service with 16 BusinessFirst and 156 Coach.