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21st Jun 2001, 02:22
Loosely translated from our daily "Tages Anzeiger", 20.06.01:
Top wages. Swissair's (right now in financial troubles) pilots are far better paid than their colleagues. CHF 220'000 a year or CHF 355 an hour is the average salary.
This equates to 49.5% more than SAS, 10% more than Air France (according to the French paper "Le Temps") and a study conducted by the AALPA and the German union Cockpit.
Compared to Lufthansa, Swissair pilots earn 23.8% more, disregarding the still to be agreed to new conditions of LH.
Not only do Swissair pilots earn more than their colleagues, they also spend less time in the cockpit. Yearly average is 618 flight hours against 642 produced at Lufthansa.

Read today that Swissair's union, Aeropers, again opposes Crossair and Hotelplan regarding the Balair short and long haul flights to be operated by Crossair.

How do the Swissair pilots and Aeropers think they will save the CHF 500'000'000 set by M. Corti as a target?
Will it be, again, by squeezing out the last juice outta ground staff and then, complain about the bad service they receive?
Anymore outsourcing left to do?

Wonder what's gonna happen...

... cut my wings and I'll die ...

near enuf is good enuf
21st Jun 2001, 03:52
I'm not surprised, have you tried living in Switzerland. Bloody expensive !!

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21st Jun 2001, 04:38
I used to live and work in Switzerland. It IS expensive. Worked for Crossair. I left a US regional and got a 50% pay increase. Of course, that was when the SFranc was about 1.15 to the USD. I left because I knew there'd never be that much in the way of salaries there. At the time, the top salary was 100,000 Swiss Francs.

If 220,000 SF is the average high pay at Swiss, then I know they need and deserve a lot more pay. Last year, with 5 months as a 727 Second Officer, 3 months in training, and 5 months as an widebody first officer I made the equivalent of 220,000 SF at today's exchange rate ($1=1.79SF), working for a US carrier.

Few Cloudy
21st Jun 2001, 21:59
Well Fly 4 Fud,

The good old Tagi has got it wrong again - was it Sepp Moser by any chance? - that aint the average pay.

If you see the whole scale - from junior 2 Off. up to senior Captain close to retirement you will get a different figure.

Averages are fun aren't they? Just depends how you do the maths (or math as they say over the pond).