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Tango Oscar
7th Jun 2006, 12:21
Hi All,
Can anyone tell me where there is a definitive list of French airfields, and what the customs requirements are, preferably in English.
I'm thinking of flying to Amiens on friday afternoon, and have all the details of the airfiled, just not the customs requirements. I may change the destination nearer the time, hence looking for a reasonably comprehensive list.
Any help appreciated:ok:

7th Jun 2006, 13:35
Have you tried the SIA website (http://www.sia.aviation-civile.gouv.fr/default_uk.htm) (the French equivalent of the UK AIS website)? It has the French AIP (including an English version) with all the airfields in it. The customs info for Amiens says 9 - Douanes : LUN-VEN : 0600-1600 - HIV : + 1 HR - En dehors des horaires : O/R AFIS PN de 6 HR

Tango Oscar
7th Jun 2006, 14:39
Thanks Brooklands. I should be able to work it out from that !!

:ok: :ok:

Mark 1
7th Jun 2006, 18:19
Probably best not to arrive when the ATS is out for lunch, unless you close the flight plan with Paris and make your blind calls in French.
The tower crew had very limited English and the fuel was "en panne" when I visited last year.
Watch out for gliders and tug on the grass .

Nice little restaurant by the tower.

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