View Full Version : Italian ATPL scandal?

7th Jun 2006, 11:53
Rumors say an italian senior Cpt. at Air One was found not having an ATPL after years of service;he was of course asked to leave...
Anyone has any first hand info?

8th Jun 2006, 08:09
As I don't know anything myself I am also interested in this, if there is anything to it.




computer jockey
8th Jun 2006, 09:18
There is a thread about this on the Italian Forum. From what they say, it was a foreign pilot (i.e. not Italian) with a Third-World CPL. He had apparently been working for years and had been Captain with AirOne before this got spotted.

11th Jun 2006, 14:58
It seems it wasn't an old Cpt. and indeed there seems to be some truth behind this story....as well as many mouths shut!

11th Jun 2006, 19:00
I know of one person who alledgedly nobody thinks has an ATPL that ended up in Italy, hope they have found him :eek:

11th Jun 2006, 20:19
Oh yes....and does he deserve a Clap?:}

11th Jun 2006, 21:43
Those who have read Gann's Fate Is The Hunter will know this is a reincarnation of "Captain" Dudley.

15th Jun 2006, 20:58
what amuses me about this story is the guy probably flew better than many of you with ATPL's - :-)

16th Jun 2006, 03:57
Well...If people got shocked by Italian Scandals or Corruption in the Aviation World...Just take a trip to Portugal, including the Portuguese Civil Aviation Authority-INAC itself:rolleyes:
My friends...really out of this World, and among the "so evoluted" European Union and JAA-EASA Members, as they proudly say:hmm:
In this Southern corner of Europe prevails those with very weird and strange powers behind the aviation, and not those who spend years and years fighting with their tremenduous skills and dedication to the cause...:oh:
Prevails those who have money to buy the Aviation Authorities:mad: , and not those who spend an entire life honestly, trying to get a career flying in a Portuguese Airline!!!
Remember my Friends...If Italy its Bad, Portugal its When all the Hell Breaks Loose:ugh: :ugh:
Really hope that someday it could changes...for Good;)