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5th Jun 2006, 19:59
I have seen nothing regarding the crash thathappened in China at the weekend. Any details.

EC Does It
5th Jun 2006, 20:21
According to "The Daily Telegraph" today, (sorry am at work, so I cant post a link) approximately 40 chinese military were on board. NFD.

5th Jun 2006, 21:26
Some basic details here:-



6th Jun 2006, 16:25
Reports now say that the plane was an indigenous AWACS prototype:


KJ-2000 Mainstay

The first KJ-2000 AWACS prototype was approaching the runway before landing. Two A-50I type prototypes were spotted undergoing testing in Nanjing in 2003. One carried a CFTE emblem (serial # 762), the other carried a China United Airline registration (B-4040), suggesting it may have been converted directly from an Il-76MD transport aircraft. KJ-2000 is thought to be based on Russian A-50I but fitted with an indigenous AWACS system developed by Nanjing Research Institute of Electronic Technology/14th Institute. The system is presumably similar, but slightly inferior to the Israeli Phalcon system with a fixed rotodome housing three phased array antennas in a triangular configuration. As the result a 360 radar coverage can be achieved. A SATCOM antenna may be installed inside the fairing on top of forward cabin. Two large angled ventral fins are attached underneath the tail to compensate the effort of rotodome on aircraft handling. A nose-mounted IFR probe (on #762 only) indicates its operations can be further extended with the tanker (Il-78) support. Following the humiliation of the cancelled A-50I/Phalcon contract with Israel in 2000, China salvaged this A-50I from Israel via Russia in 2002 without the Phalcon system. It was reported that a significant amount of resources have been invested into this high-priority project at the 603 Institute/XAC/14th Institute following an executive order issued by the Chinese President. The compete system first flew on November 11, 2003 as KJ-2000 after overcoming various technical difficulities. So far 3 KJ-2000s have been converted, the newest member being B-4043. More KJ-2000 platforms are being converted from the existing Il-76MD transport fleet and fitted with AWACS systems locally without Israeli involvement. The first two KJ-2000 was handed over to PLAAF in 2005. Currently both #762 and B-4040 (?) are stationed in Zhejiang Province, facing Japan and Taiwan.

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7th Jun 2006, 01:44
Update (http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/world/3942419.html) doesn't say a lot more, but apparently fatal to all.