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20th May 2006, 16:42
Officials investigating possible damage from plane fuel release


ANN ARBOR, Mich. Washtenaw County officials are investigating whether jet fuel released from a Northwest Airlines plane that landed shortly after takeoff from Detroit Metropolitan Airport is causing damage on the ground.

Officials say the plane dropped nearly 200-thousand pounds of fuel over portions of north-central Washtenaw County and Livingston County on Wednesday.

The seven-47 aircraft, heading to Tokyo, returned to Detroit Metropolitan Airport after experiencing difficulty retracting one of the aircraft's landing gears.

Officials say the plane dumped the fuel in order to meet the maximum landing weight.

The Washtenaw County Department of Planning and Environment has contacted the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality concerning environmental issues related to the fuel release.

20th May 2006, 20:19
Same incident (one with with video) and selected quotes....


The MDEQ indicated that the fuel was reported to be released at an altitude which would result in minimal, if any, environmental consequence. However, the Department of Planning and Environment has been receiving reports of fuel reaching the ground surface.


Washtenaw County Sheriff's Cmdr. David Egeler said his department received at least 50 calls to 911 about the low-flying jet dumping fuel.