View Full Version : Evac at STN today?

Jambo Buana
9th May 2006, 08:43
Just heard thru the jungle drums but not sure if true!

9th May 2006, 10:27
Just heard thru the jungle drums but not sure if true!

Did the drums go into any more detail?

9th May 2006, 11:26
Nothing showing up in TACT for any delays owing to this event; likewise no ANM or AIM giving anything away.

9th May 2006, 17:41
vlm plane smoke in cock pit

11th May 2006, 13:55
vlm plane smoke in cock pitwas this a divert then????

braking action poor
11th May 2006, 15:11
Saw a VLM F-50 at STN yesterday at 9-10am- ish, local.

RWY was closed for a short time, as the A/C needed a tug to get of the runway. Gnd staff told me they evacuated on the rwy, but noone I spoke with knew why they did so.

Guess they diverted from London City, since VLM have no scheduled service to STN, but anyway STN might be better suited for emergencies like this....???

This is a very quiet time of the day at STN, as most (all) RYR and EZY are gone to their destinations.

I was told to expect holding at ABBOT, and flew mim cln speed from Amsterdam to STN to avoid any extra delay. No further delay at STN when I got here though.

13th May 2006, 23:10
VLM took off from LCY to MAN rear crew could smell burning, flt deck monitored, smell got worse.Crew were going to go to LTN but ended up in STN, by all accounts a job well done by all, down safe and all pax out with no injuries. Replacement sent in from ANR and pax went on their way