View Full Version : Stand -Alone GPS approaches using Lnav, Vnav

19th Jun 2001, 13:15
I've tried on the Technical forums, but no luck!
Does anyone have information (or a course) on 'Stand-Alone GPS approaches using Lnav, Vnav', including accuracy and reasons for a Go-around?
Does your airline do these and what checks/procedure do you use?

Heavenly Dancer

gul dukat
19th Jun 2001, 14:49
Probably not a lot of help but have you tried the military forum ? In my little bit of the world they are the major users of GPS approaches .There may be someone there with more than a passing notion ! Good luck !

19th Jun 2001, 15:26
Which country are you looking at flying the approach in???
In OZ we have been operating GPS approaches which can be coupled for some time. These include helo approaches to a point in space. They are a whole lot better than a NDB approach on a thundery night. Various system requirements etc can be found on the OZ CASA web site.

19th Jun 2001, 16:45
Thanks, Syd, I'll trawl through the infomation there.

Does anyone have airline SOPs for GPS approaches?

Heavenly Dancer