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Smooth Operator
2nd May 2001, 21:50
Any info on DHL/Walton interviews, tests, salaries, gossip, etc?
[email protected]

2nd May 2001, 22:47
I understand that Waltons have been busy interviewing on a daily basis for several weeks now. There are apparently one or two people qualified on type who have accepted the salary package of 60,000. I understand the interview is preceded by 2 hours of psychometric tests consisting of: verbal reasoning, numerical skills and spatial awareness tests and such like. If you pass the interview - there is a Sim ride at LHR. Flight pay is reported to be 2.15 Per hr. Don't know what the pension package is like or the fringe benefits. I suspect DHL will need to train very large numbers of wannabees to fill these vacancies which could prove a good employment opportunity for some but very costly for DHL as they see youngsters jump ship for more lucrative work elsewhere. I wish DHL well!

Mr Magoo
3rd May 2001, 00:12
Anyone got a contact number for DHL or have applications closed now?



3rd May 2001, 00:41
Send your CV by EMail to

[email protected]

Good luck

Smooth Operator
7th May 2001, 15:41
salary a bit low.

7th May 2001, 19:15
Yep, the salary is a bit low. I think this job is ok for anyone looking for a B757 type rating though!

I don't mean to imply that it is acceptable for DHL to get away with ripping pilots off - merely that it's a golden opportunity for wannabes to use them as a stepping stone.

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