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Mach trim
27th Apr 2006, 15:26
A-320 Go Around ?

The book only says one step flap retraction at Go Around but..

1) If you are Config Full at Go Around.

You PF call " Go Around, Flaps." PNF Retracts Flaps, one step

To Conf 3, then at X speed. Conf 2

Or would you go 2 steps right away from if you have F speed.
From Full to 2 with the appropiate speed.

2) Go around from Conf 3
Retract one step at Go Around? Or retract to Flap 1, 2 steps ?

Could you tell me what procedure you use it would be appreciated.
Thanks for your input.

What errors are mostly made in the A-320
Go Around ? I guess you have to remember to bring it back from TOGA to CLB, watch flap speed, activate app. phase if trying again,etc, ?

27th Apr 2006, 15:41
Mach Trim

On G/A:

Call for/selection of 1 stage less flap (so Flap Full->Flap 3 or for Flap 3->2 or from Flap2->Flap 1 - bear in mind that the G/A can be initiated before final flap setting is achieved).

At that Flap setting you climb to Aa before accelerating to desired speed. You should only make further flap changes after Aa.

27th Apr 2006, 19:02
on a go around, after setting TOGA we call for go around flaps which is one stage less than current setting(full to 3, 3-2 etc)
after getting to Acceleration altitude , we set climb thrust and at F speed call for flaps 1, and at S speed flaps up.

27th Apr 2006, 20:30
May I add that it is not always necessary to wait until above acceleration altitude to reduce thrust to climb.Selecting climb early enables you to gather your thoughts before getting ALT*:}

The main error during go around is forgetting to check tracking. When GO AROUND TRK engages the AC will maintain the current track at the time of engagement, thus if your approach has an offset (NPA for ex) you might not be following the correct track, even though the FD's are nicely centered! To prevent this just remember to either push or pull HDG for managed or selected.

Chief Whip
27th Apr 2006, 21:15
The exception to the rule, if you are carrying out an overweight landing. The approach will be flown in Config 3 but the go areound is flown Config 1+F (as per QRH drill).

27th Apr 2006, 21:16
...........unless you happen to be making a F3 approach due to an overweight landing and above F3 app/climb limit in which case you go straight from F3 to F1 on the G/a. QRH 2.25 refers.


Shot Nancy
28th Apr 2006, 12:11
In all cases, if landing configuration is different from FLAP FULL, use 1+F for go-around.
Spent 10 years on the A320, and never knew that gem was there. Never did an overweight landing either.
Safe flying.