View Full Version : Photocopied airfield plates.

25th Apr 2006, 22:08
May l ask for advice about these onboard public transport aircraft.
Also ones that are a different size to the originals.

25th Apr 2006, 23:54
Mike, you can manage with only A4 ? Well done.

(for the younger folk, the above is only appreciated by those of us whose beards have much more grey than brown/blonde/red/etc ...)

26th Apr 2006, 00:48
oh well, best left alone. 4 on one A4 side and faxed ?
God help us.

tall and tasty
26th Apr 2006, 21:10
are you actually sure these are photocopied. Some of the charts when they print off just because of the format do come off looking like they have been on a photocopier and it is just a quirk of the system from the on screen format to the printing on the printer.

If in doubt contact your supplier of the charts and they will be able to clarify the situation for you


Miles Magister
26th Apr 2006, 21:22

From what I heard today printed plates are a thing of the past for you if it is the easy version you have moved to.

Well done and good luck with the LST!!!