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18th Jun 2001, 17:47
I've been asked by the fundraising department at Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital to see if there would be any interest in a set of corgi dye-cast aircraft models that were donated to the hospital. On offer are:

2 Aer Lingus Dakota
1 BEA Viscount
2 Continental Viscount
2 Pan Am Statocruiser
3 TWA Connie
3 Qantas Connie
4 Skyways Avro York
5 BOAC Avro York

They currently retail for GBP39.99 but as they are unboxed the Hospital is looking for GBP25 each (+P&P). Naturally all proceeds will go directly to Great Ormond Street (never a better cause).

You can secure your choice by emailing Karen
[email protected]

(Not strictly R&N but this one deserves the exposure!!)

18th Jun 2001, 18:04
Hi Hacker, guess they must all be vividly coloured models!! Ho!Ho!