View Full Version : fight on board BFS/BHD to NCL????

15th Apr 2006, 20:15
Read in paper but details were scarce. Any info on a fight that happenned on an ATP flight between Belfast and NCL.

No info was given on which airline. Obviously either Flybe or Easy. It all depends on where the flew out of BHD or BFS. Apparently it involved up to 10 males and they had to return to Belfast where they were off loaded.

15th Apr 2006, 20:22
Apparently it was easy according to a small article in this mornings Liverpool daily post.

'A Newcastle bound flight was forced to turn back to Belfast after a fight broke out on board, it emerged yesterday.

The easyJet pilot decided to return to Belfast International Airport minutes into the flight after a number of passengers became disruptive.

Ten men were later questioned by airport police.


15th Apr 2006, 21:12
I too saw reference to this incident in today's newspapers. Now, I am aware that details appear to be limited at this stage and it might therefore not be best to jump to conclusions, but...

There were reports in the media that those responsible for the disturbance were questioned and then released. I am not an aviation professional, but having flown as a pax on numerous occaisons, and having friends who work in the industry, I am aware of exactly how problematic (to say the least) such situations can be. If those responsible were merely released after questioning by police, one has to ask why.

Crew and pax have a right to fly without being exposed to this sort of behaviour, not least because of the safety implications it presents. It will be interesting to get a fuller picture, as one would surely hope that the powers that be would come down very hard on people fighting on a flight.

Blimey, maybe I should subscribe to the Daily Mail! But seriously there is no excuse for such behaviour.

15th Apr 2006, 22:06
Was on our local news last night............apparently crew elected to return to BFS, offload the 10 pax, then it departed again for NCL, arriving 2hrs late.....but, it delayed it's next flight (to Faro I believe) by 10hrs, from Thursday night to Friday morning, presumably operated by the Titan 737 that came in on EZY callsigns?? Just a guess but the fight damaged the Easy aircraft??


15th Apr 2006, 22:09
Police at major airports usually follow a zero-tolerance policy on bad behaviour on aircraft. I think that is right. Smaller airports may see far fewer incidents, and local officials might not be aware of the usual practice.

16th Apr 2006, 21:04

As flight crew we should feel that we will be supported by the police and our company security. Obviously we don't know all the information but assumptions can be justified when we are told that people onboard an aircraft are fighting and then they are off loaded and nothing happens to them.

Anybody with any facts apart from the above...