View Full Version : Sonic Cruiser delayed again

5th Feb 2002, 02:12
"Boeing to delay Sonic Cruiser until 2008: official

PARIS, Feb 4 (AFP) - The US aeronautic giant Boeing has decided to delay the introduction of its high-speed Sonic Cruiser from 2006 to 2008, a top official said here on Monday.

"Boeing wants to put more technology into the plane. We're working on new engines based on the 777 engines, but more efficient," marketing vice president Randy Baseler told a press conference here.

He said that the roughly 15 airlines working with Boeing on the Sonic Cruiser preferred to wait a bit longer to integrate cutting-edge technology into the plane, which is designed to fly at just below the speed of sound.

Baseler declined to give details on how much it would cost to develop the plane, or on how many clients were expected to buy it"

It might be the idea of the future, but no need to hurry for the type ratings, isn't it ?

skymarshal 1
5th Feb 2002, 02:29
Sounds like another Boeing SST project....will never happen!

Think Airbus for the future!!