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6th Apr 2006, 09:11
I could have sworn there was a thread on this forum not 5 mins ago about this.....

....anyway BBC repoprting an aircraft with 80 souls on board has crashed at NBO....

6th Apr 2006, 09:14
Kenya Plane Crash 'A Practice Drill'
Updated: 09:03, Thursday April 06, 2006

Authorities in Kenya say a reported plane crash at Nairobi airport was a practice drill.

The Reuters news agency had earlier said the plane had crashed with 80 people on board.

It had said a "full emergency" had been declared.

"It's a drill," Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) spokesman Dominic Kabiru told Reuters.

Asked why KAA would briefly pretend there was a real crash, Mr Kabiru added: "We are testing our preparedness. We have to play a real scenario."

Earlier, various KAA staff had assured reporters the plane had just crashed and was burning close to the airport.

On repeated questioning, they gave flight and engine numbers.

"There's a full emergency. An aircraft has crashed ... Engine No. 4 is on fire, there's smoke everywhere," an official said.

More follows...

6th Apr 2006, 09:25
Wolf, Wolf cried the little girl... And then when the wolf finally came...

6th Apr 2006, 09:28
Why do people insist on using the word soul ?

(soul - the immaterial part of a person; the actuating cause of an individual life)

Do they think they are being dramatic, emotive ??

Last time I looked there were PEOPLE boarding the plane, not souls.

If the plane crashes, it's the people that die not the souls.

Sticking to plain English instead of trying to be trendy with words would lead to a lot more clarity and get away from this pseudo sympathy that the author would falsely have us try and feel.

6th Apr 2006, 12:40
Sick Joke (http://edition.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/africa/04/06/kenya.crash.reut/index.html)…
…and April 1 has long past.