View Full Version : Iberia A320 v jetty LHR

4th Apr 2006, 17:04
Iberia A320 struck jetty at LHR this morning after apparently suffering parking brake failure. Aircraft had apparently returned to stand with yellow hydraulic system failure, but as taxiing onto stand the aircraft did not stop until impact with the jetty. (Info from Iberia)
A sly walk past this afternoon revealed significant nacelle intake damage on Nbr 1 engine. Couldn't take any pictures as AAIB on site.

4th Apr 2006, 17:14
Airbus FCOM states the following in case of HYD Y SYS loss due to lack of hydraulic fluid.


This check is recommended to cover the case of a pipe rupture, which could lead to the simultaneous loss of the hydraulic system and the accumulator fluid. If this occurs, the loss of the accumulator should be observed on the indicator within 10 minutes. In that case : The only remaining braking means is normal braking, using green pressure. The parking brake should not be used since, it is not available. And, the chocks should be in place before Engine 1 shutdown.

Easier to remember when in an armchair. I don't think that the PARK BRK is mentioned to be INOP list in the STS page.