4th Feb 2002, 19:33
On the QT, I learned that Airways management has told the ALPA leadership that it must have small jets or go out of business. Management has given them a few weeks to try an make deals for their current and soon to be furloughed pilots with the code share commuters. Management has even gone so far as to solicit the managements of the regionals on ALPA's behalf, so that when they announce more layoffs and the allocation of hundreds of small jets to code share partners, they and ALPA can both say that they tried their best.

Meanwhile, not one of the code share partners have signed on. This in spite of the ALPA pilots inference that by giving their furloughees safe harbor, that Airways management will somehow think kindly on their respective airlines. Unfortunately for the Airways ALPA leadership, the commuter partners they seek to influence are not stupid enough to believe that Airways management cares one lick about furloughed pilots. They know the reality is that Airways management will do what they think they have to, regardless of who is nice to the people they lay off. It's a dog eat dog world, and the idiot Airways pilots who refused small jet integration are paying with the jobs of those junior to them. US Airways is a monument to egotism, stupidity, and narrow-mindedness.

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