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Real World
16th Jun 2001, 01:16
Rumour has it that Hugh Flynn, the CEO of Air Contractors is returning to South Africa and being replaced by a chap fron Canada (First Air I believe).

A shame if it is true as Flynn is a first class CEO who looks after his guys and generally runs a first class outfit.

Also a shame that they could not promote from within but I suppose that once TCR had jumped ship they really did not have a realistic internal option.

Good luck to all at ACL. I hope that the new guy continues to run it as it has been run since the Safair takeover in 98.

company man
16th Jun 2001, 02:35
Who are Air Contractors anyway?

And whats tcr? the only tcr I know is a maintenance facility in Belgium.

Real World
16th Jun 2001, 12:14
Air Contractors are a Dublin based cargo airline operating B727 and A300 aircraft primarily for DHL.

TCR is a former Ops Manager and member of their executive management team much missed by ACL aircrew !!!!

16th Jun 2001, 13:04
Does this change have anything to do with the fact that ACL, originally hoping to operate the very same fleet of ex-BA B757s that will now be operated by DHL in its own name, is no longer going to do so?

16th Jun 2001, 17:11
The same thought crossed my mind. It would be interesting to hear from some of the ACL pilots to find out how the DHL startup affects them? I spoke to one ACL pilot the other day who thinks the DHL startup is already doomed to failure due engine problems on the converted B757's. Anyone know any more?

16th Jun 2001, 21:24

Seriously doubt the engine problem rumour. Let's face it, the mods are being carried out in Seattle, and who better to do them, of course.

However, the chat you had with the ACL pilot suggesting this rumour may well be indicative of something else; perhaps sour grapes/wishful thinking on the part of those whose hoped for future will not now materialise.

17th Jun 2001, 03:42
That is such a shame Hugh Flynn was a top guy.