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23rd May 2001, 00:12
Last week the flight ops director Iian Huzzard resinged, giving 3 months notice. Then this week we have the Saab 340 fleet manager and the Shorts 360 fleet manager handing in their notices.Today there was a guy from the CAA in the management office.
Loganair's AOC is up for renewal very soon;this depends upon the airline having an experienced level of senior pilots at management level.
The trouble is,that with out these key figures,what is the future for Loganair?

23rd May 2001, 00:27
sorry miss key. Meant Loganair not Logagair (obiously).

First Officer Horrendous
23rd May 2001, 00:32
I have known Iain Huzzard for years and years. If he has finally resigned, then something has gone terminally wrong with the Logi Bear Operation. Dunno about the other Fleet Managers, but knowing Scotty MBE of old, I would be betting on a holding action, where the management staff are given another golden handshake to tempt them back before disatster strikes. On the other hand, Scotty may finally have gone a "Bridge too Far", in which case all the compromisung pictures (of MB) in the world won't save him now.

Commiserations to all Logis, best of luck.

Second Officer Horrendous
25th May 2001, 00:12
Amazing how it all goes round and around. To update both Ron Herb and my big brother, it now seems pretty definite that BA CitiExpress are looking to asset strip the corpse of LogiBear -[before the rest gets buried]- , and take back the few routes that make Commercial sense.
It will give BACE something to do with all their J41s, and should link nicely into the Glasgow and Inverness operations. Huzzo in particular will join BACE as a direct entry Training Captain, along with the two Fleet Managers.
Mr Grier OBE's knighthood looks further and further away....................

Good Luck Charlie...........

25th May 2001, 22:30
I appreciate that there's no room for sentiment in aviation, but it pisses me off to see an airline like Logi being pillaged like this. I've never worked for them, but I used to work very closely with them and know a lot of the current and former staff - who usually the first to be shafted in this sort of situation.
As an aside, if Logi is reorganised, will they continue to serve the Western Isles and other Scottish routes which are only viable by using a shed to take mail over in the morning and then continue on the passenger routes - which the J41 probably could not earn it's keep on.

It wasn't me.

Nigel Nearly
27th May 2001, 13:34
I used to work for Logananir until three years ago. The Company has no future until Grier is removed. His management blunders, his inability to listen to advice, his total lack of concern for his employees, not to mention his lack of business acumen - all have conspired to allow Loganair to miss or misuse a series of golden opportunities. BM eventually lost patience with him, as did Manx/BRAL. The franchise saved him for a few years more, but the current state of things is parlous, not helped by that tragic accident.
(As an example of his attitude to investment and costs and pennypinching, consider carefully that up to that crash, he was the ONLY UK airline not a member of the UK Flight Safety Organisation.!!!)

Loganair has always been a good outfit at heart,just managed incopetently. This may actually be a light at the end of the tunnel.
I hope the pilots all come out of it ok!

"Where there's Blame, - There's a Claim"

29th May 2001, 14:17
Sounds all too familiar.

March 1994 was a warning but not heeded and all those dedicated people that were "let go" at that time are still in the business watching from the sidelines. It's a shame because in the years gone bye, Scotland's Airline was a great outfit to work for with fantastic people but "upstairs" didn't listen.

Best wishes to all that are left that I used to work with.


30th May 2001, 02:33
Whatever happened to Duncan McIntosh and Ken Foster?

30th May 2001, 03:05
Addinfurnightem- I agree, Logan was at its most route-succesful & fleet strong when it was run by pilots, happy days but of course there are few & far between airlines these days run by air crew time served over their own routes. Shame.

Out of interest, I'm aware Capt. MacKintosh has now passed on..............Ken Foster?