View Full Version : Racism and False allegations slandering peoples names on this board...

2nd Feb 2002, 23:07
To all who are concerned I will say that I am utterly disgusted at the slandering abuse ( private and otherwise ) that I have received from several individuals on this "Trash board". Has any body else received such horrifying private abuse from others on this bulletin board?. .My most recent clony has come from a member with the initials C and H.. .In all seriousness I believe that pprune should take more drastic action in dealing with this, which is nothing short of harrassment and degredation of character. I will be making my complaints made to pprune and reporting what I found - I urge those who have had such abuse do the same. Let us stand together and rid this board of such evil minded and potentially dangerous scaremongers.

2nd Feb 2002, 23:18
I take it that does not apply to your "from where" message at the bottom of your posts telling us all to f--- off????

Ed Winchester
2nd Feb 2002, 23:26
Run off downstairs and ask your mummy for a hanky to dry your eyes.

Sorry moderators, just thought I'd get one in before the padlock quite rightly appears.

Devils Advocate
3rd Feb 2002, 00:08
TG910 - please do us all a favour and change the 'From' in your profile - by clicking on the link at the top of the page that says 'My Profile' - please remember kids (of all ages) read this board and we don't need people like you adding obscenities to it !

And whilst you're about it (changing your profile), and if you don't like getting direct email from people, please ensure that where it says 'Keep your email address viewable to others when you post notes? that you've selected 'No' - you'll find that this'll cut the emails down quite a bit.

Finally - If you can't take it then don't give it !

Ps. For a so called 'Trash board' (sic) you sure have been busy on it, e.g. registered on 12th Jan 2002 and made 28 posts thus far - that's nearly as prolific as The Guvnor !

3rd Feb 2002, 00:12
you very bad people. opression is so horrible here. I am sad

3rd Feb 2002, 00:15
TG910 - please take DA's advice ASAP, and grow up mate - you're playing with the big boys now !