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8th Mar 2006, 18:29
If there are any Stn Slaves online can they please tell me what went on at the last town hall meeting, and what is the story with this New :mad: Pay deal......! What I can see is that we are getting hammered in basic and hammered in sector pay....!:* As we all know the market is back in a very healty recovery,yet on hearing whats on this new pay deal it seems that MOL has as usual gone and stired the **** again.Is it not about time that we stand up to his pig headed ways, and can the share holders not see whats going on. I was never one of these ryanair bashers,"just went in and done the job and went home", but the last 4 years have just gotten worse.We all know that the Boeing strike was MOL get out of jail for free card,but the truth that we know is, there was NO PILOTS we where all out of hours.We can not go for this deal if what I've heared is correct,and if we do "HASTA LA VISTA" to alot of tired and p***** off pilots.

the grim repa
8th Mar 2006, 19:28
Join the debate and get all the news at www.repaweb.org.

8th Mar 2006, 19:41
My ****ty lap top cant update the current page...! I'm not in till sunday and just wanted to see if any one can share some basic information. Please tell me that we're not considering the deal.....!:\

PPRuNe Towers
8th Mar 2006, 21:04
Detailed discussion over on T+E.