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Kaptin M
14th Jun 2001, 15:05
What a fantastic idea for pilots - a medium that allows pilots worldwide, to exchange ideas, information, jokes and rumours.

...and what better way for our superiors to enjoy the privilege of sharing, analysing, and drawing up tactics based on the same.

We (the aircrew - because LAME's, ATCO's, F/A's, crewing officers, etc., etc., etc.,) have ALL been attracted by this 3-ring circus known as PPRuNe, which exposes every facet of our lives.

We are probably one of the most unionised groups in the world, and therefore (we) must be like honey to bees, for would-be "management advisors", who have tried time and again to fathom the psyche of our lot, which outwardly will fly for free, but when it comes to "crunch time", demand to be "recognised" for the years of study, medical fitness, and sheer determination in reaching their goal.

As an interesting adjunct, pilots (often) compare their profession with that of Medical practioners - something I, personally, don't subscribe to, for the simple reason that I don't believe every piot has the grey matter to get that far - however, it was "interesting" to see a surgeon compare himself to a pilot in a Thunderstorm.

The Guvnor
14th Jun 2001, 15:19
And your point is....?

Sounds like you've been hitting the Bundy a bit hard, Kaptin! ;) :)

Kaptin M
14th Jun 2001, 15:31
4 minutes, Guv - how interesting that YOU would pick up so quickly on this! :)

14th Jun 2001, 15:32
Don't quite know what you are getting at here, Kapt. M.

With a degree in neuroscience (study of grey matter, to you) and a postgrad research project in tropical pharmacology under my belt I set off into the big wide world of medical education. That is - where I educate the doctors on certain subjects. Frankly some of the GP's terrified me with their lack of knowledge, or indeed their lack of desire to remain up to date with new practises.

As for Pprune - pilot's friend or pilot's foe, it remains up to us to keep it on our side. If there is something that is best kept from prying eyes only discuss it in your private company forum.

14th Jun 2001, 16:46
If any management advisor can discern any coherent thinking and deduce anything standard about our psyche from the postings on PPRuNe then he must have a degree in wishful thinking.

Presumably an advisor would also be able to recognise the numerous adolescent schoolchildren making postings in order to discard their contributions.

With the odd exception very little posted here achieves much at all except providing some entertainment.

And your point is?

Captain Airclues
14th Jun 2001, 16:50
While on the subject of grey matter Kaptin M, I make it 14 minutes.


Kaptin M
14th Jun 2001, 16:58
Thanks Clues, I allowed 7.5 mins reading time, and 2.5 for the stereotyped reply from Guv!

14th Jun 2001, 18:00
Come on Kaptin M ...the question has been asked three times now (Four including this)
---- Your point is.??

15th Jun 2001, 06:57
KM personaly I compare my job to other professions depending on whats being compared:

Study and dedication - Surgeon. Surgeons like pilots must have an extremely in-depth knowledge of every facet of the job, and keep up with the latest changes.

Ability and skills - Concert pianist. Both must have excelent and well-honed manipulative skills after years of practice.

Financial ambitions - High class callgirl. If Im going to be screwed by an ugly employer in crap conditions then your going to pay me BIG money. And just like a callgirl Im medicaly checked every 6 months! :)

15th Jun 2001, 07:22
Only a pilot can truly feel sorry for another pilot.

What a kinship, we are united in sorrow.

16th Jun 2001, 13:01
Kaptin - Thanks for making such a pointless statement which confirms what a complete nugget you are.

I dont know of any other profession which is so comprhensively evaluated pre and post training ie: on the job. I dont ever recall a surgeon having to have a medical or prove he was medically fit enough to do his job not to mention having his competency asessed every six months. Not to mention the costs involved in flight training. Last I heard most doctors trained courtesy of the HM government. I rest my case.

16th Jun 2001, 13:22
Slasher, thanx for a good one :) :)

... cut my wings and I'll die ...

16th Jun 2001, 16:11
I'm with you KM

Check 'Six'
16th Jun 2001, 17:38

You have my vote as president anytime!!


16th Jun 2001, 17:44
14 mins indeed!!!

Didn't need a calulator for that one :)

Nice one!

16th Jun 2001, 18:27

You say that only a pilot can truley feel sorry for a pilot, you are quite wrong, most engineers also feel truley sorry for pilots :) :) :)

16th Jun 2001, 18:34
There's not many jobs where you can so easily get on cnn, thats for sure!

16th Jun 2001, 19:41
Good onya Slash!! Yet again, you've succeeded in putting the issue in perspective! But... am I now to assume that yer current employer ain't screwing you? :)

Dispela olgeta samting i pekpek bilong bulmakau!

16th Jun 2001, 20:48
Curtailment of privileges of the licence.We all shudder to hear that!!
Deadheading one day I sat next to an eithioligist(spelling??),operating 'gasman'.He raised the subject of'ways and means'safeguards for Competency in the flying game?I pointed out the 5 yearly opportunities we cherished to lose our 'licence'.He felt that the 'acting'medical profession should demonstrate like competency checks,and went on to say how 73year old gasmen,cat napped whilst on their 48hour shift!!
This was years ago-nothing in place yet!!
Remember,they bury their mistakes-we being the first on the scene,are buried with ours!!

Burger Thing
16th Jun 2001, 21:23
Who cares about Gasmen ????? I thought we are talking about 14 minutes and callgirls ? :)

100% human beef drilled to perfection

16th Jun 2001, 23:29
I would worry more about "management psychoanalysts (sp?) reading JB and managing to identify some of the posters http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

17th Jun 2001, 06:13
OzEx more like Im chained down to a flea-ridden bed and let out for toilet-relief once every few days after he secures a ball and chain to my ankle. And yeh hes bloodey ugly too!

17th Jun 2001, 06:52
I nominate Slasher for Pprune President.

17th Jun 2001, 13:55
Could I just say....er, rather, what I mean is...hmm...wait on a minute now...are you really saying...er, look...you don't mean... surely not !...sorry, what was the question again? Is the answer 42?

Burger Thing
17th Jun 2001, 14:01
No, Amos ! The answer is 14 ! Is it really that difficult ??? http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

100% human beef drilled to perfection