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Call Established
27th Feb 2006, 15:38
Understand they are going back to a single unit operation in BOH only, with MAN and BHX closing resulting in 150-200 redundancies accross the operation. B747's operation gone, now one B732, Ozjet is rumoured to be for sale, and two days after the redundacy letter goes out the owner and his partner are seen taking a 130Y seat B732 from BHX-GRO for his sole use. when FR fly BOH-GRO, oh and his driver drove him up from BOH to get the acft............Also 5 MD83s purchased to be sold / leased onwards in European Skybuses' name!

The perks of owning an airline I suppose!

Good luck to all involved and hope you find employment easily and quickly.


27th Feb 2006, 20:40
Are you sure it was his partner.........or is she someone elses partner....... or BOTH!!!!! Maybe they were writing the list of cabin crew for the chop. Rumour has it he buying a boat, maybe he is trying to copy Stelios and EASY CRUISE. Only difference is...... PGS will try doing it with 40 year old fishing trawler that may eventually have some scrap value.