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Human Factor
19th Feb 2006, 14:28
Finally, a bit of common sense...

http://www.wcco.com/video/[email protected]

19th Feb 2006, 15:22
.....and the very best people to keep them from hitting each other!

20th Feb 2006, 05:53
No fault in the logic: how much has management pay been cut? More or less than 39%?

20th Feb 2006, 06:13
Those magnificient pilots are not flying very long without the top notch management team in those corner officies.

20th Feb 2006, 08:15

Do you mean the top knot management team that led the company into Chapter 11

one four sick
20th Feb 2006, 09:04
Well, one doesn't need to be in NWA in order to have a top notch management now does one? There are a few around here I can think of. NOT

20th Feb 2006, 09:51
Couldn't agree with the journo more:ok:

Have seen the industry from both sides at close quarters. A "top notch' management school graduate once told me that it doesn't matter what you are selling, whether it's aeroplanes or toothbrushes!:rolleyes: That airline is now out of business!

20th Feb 2006, 11:41
Isnt it amazing how much smarter managmenet is than the front line forces of the airlines? After all, with excellent management look at what happend to Pan Am, Eastern Airlines, TWA, NWA, Delta.. to name a few. Its just a down right shame how employees and their families suffer at the hands of these arrogant SOBs who couldn't give a rat's ass about the people who are really responsible for their salaries.

20th Feb 2006, 13:12
The legacy airlines have not yet come to grips with deregulation, which Jimmy Carter signed into law almost 30 years ago. It's easy to take potshots at management, at pilots, at tech crew, or anyone else in a legacy airline.

But they have not lost their "Cobra Airlines" ("We strike at anything") mentality. :sad: That gets you nowhere.

20th Feb 2006, 16:29
Most of the management i have met during my 32 years in aviation, have been far more concerned with managing their own careers than doing the job they are paid to do!!
Maybe thats the reason so many problems come from the management "teams".

20th Feb 2006, 16:34
My point made. Acker, Lorenzo, Borman (although a puppet of the board of directors) Ichan, Bouvais... the list is endless.

21st Feb 2006, 17:24
Yup, you said it Barit1, roll on the Aeroflot crews on contract to every legacy carrier. They live in a "dorm" near their airport of base and "earn" $600 a month nett nett nett, the rest paid in credits at the company store for beans and toast. Meanwhile, legacy, management cream-off million buck packages for their 'creativity'. As Mr James, the legacy "company doctor" of DanAir fame said, the only way to go in this industry is down, lower wages, lower costs, lowest provider wins. Its all a matter of time before the Soviet model triumphs.

What a crock. Read the Ryanair threads to see where you are headed as a passenger. Good luck.

Final 3 Greens
21st Feb 2006, 19:54
Most of the management i have met during my 32 years in aviation, have been far more concerned with managing their own careers than doing the job they are paid to do!!
Sadly this phenomenom is not limited to aviation :}

Best foot forward
22nd Feb 2006, 13:01
Airlines run despite the best efforts of management, its the line managers, and the people at the coal face that make any airline a success.

22nd Feb 2006, 14:43
In my opinion, management often seem verry preoccupied rearanging the company for yars. Meanwhile everybody els just minds their job, usually in a strictly professional way. Then suddenly, eureeka, it all has to change over night, and everybody is suppose to follow or leave:cool:
Well, if this "new" idea is´nt working that good, we´re all suddenly without a job:ugh:

And business is just as before..

23rd Feb 2006, 12:50
Nothing will ever change - as long as businesses are allowed to run on their present lines!!! The US and the UK run along similar lines which virtually guarantees that any large company will eventually bankrupt itself!

A CEO is retained by a company for an average of between 3 and 5 years only - yet a large company such as an airline needs a realistic 20 year business plan. In the 3 to 5 year life of a CEO, it matters not a jot how badly he/she performs, they are paid sufficiently well to retire for the rest of their natural lives should everything go pear shaped.

Should business leaders ever be held accountable financially for their company's downfall, that will cahane business for the better!!!

Ignition Override
24th Feb 2006, 07:30
The Board of Directors: What do they direct? What responsibility do they have for the long-term success of an airline?

Either the vast majority of people on many US airline boards have little intergrity (perhaps paid-off to rubber-stamp any designated CEO...) or have no backbone to stand up to those who only despise their own agents, flt. attendants and pilots.

At my company, "our" upper mgmt, due to their recent decisions, have no more claim to morals or integrity than a child molestor, and this is no exaggeration-none whatsoever. :mad:

In my opinion, the majority seem to be either apathetic or are spineless cowards.

Their boardroom chairs and table should be painted bright yellow.:oh: :8

24th Feb 2006, 12:26
Wholeheartedly agree with you bealine. Today's short-term managers are only focused on quick (financial) results with no concern about the long-term impact, or the collateral damage (often the personnel) which they leave in their wake. I see it daily where I work and it distresses me greatly.