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1st Feb 2002, 00:59
Looks like everyone is getting robbed now. First aircrew, airports - now travel agents. One of these days he'll run out of people to rob.

Any travel agents our there who can shed some light on this ? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">


From ABTA's site <a href="http://www.abtamembers.org/grplitigation.htm" target="_blank">http://www.abtamembers.org/grplitigation.htm</a> . . . .Issued: 28 January 2002

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------. . . .You will find on this page a copy of the Order for Group Litigation. If you are a travel agent and sell or have sold Ryanair seats, the Order sets out the basis on which you can make a claim against Ryanair for unpaid commission in respect of UK Passenger Service Fees from 1 February 1999 to date. Please read the Order carefully.

You should be receiving a letter from Ryanair explaining how to make a claim. If you have not received a letter by 25 January 2002, you should contact Ryanair direct to ask for a copy.

If you are an ABTA member, you should also have received a letter from ABTA explaining how to go about making a claim.

If you want to make a claim you must register your claim by 21 February 2002 by contacting Laura Harcombe or Tim Robinson of Nicholson Graham & Jones on 020 7648 9000.

If you have any queries, ABTA members should contact ABTA Legal Department on 020 7307 1961/1957/1958/1908. Non-ABTA members should contact Nicholson Graham & Jones on the above number.


1st Feb 2002, 01:30
Oh, and the pax, charterguy, (eg 6 euro for every kg &gt;15, handbaggage included in the total).

Ryanair has absolutely no friends in the industry, and we all know what a bad approach that is.

1st Feb 2002, 02:28
A company that like Ryanair doesn“t need friends in the industry. They are the customer“s friend... incidentally also the reason why they make money.

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1st Feb 2002, 04:19
The Rosterman

If, as you say, they are the customer's friend ... which do they treat customers like sh*t ? All things being equal, customers will choose to fly with the other LCA's. <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

1st Feb 2002, 14:07
... and charging £5 for an infant (most other airlines, including the other low costs carry them for free). I also wonder if the passenger service charges are at cost (ie are passed directly onto the airports). One scam I fell for on a LTN-DUB flight was buying the city bus ticket on the plane in £Sterling. My mental arithmetic wasn't up to converting it to £Irish, but afterwards realised I'd been paid more than the face value. I should have waited to buy the ticket on the bus, but thought Ryanair, as other airlines do, was offering me a discounted ticket!!

Live and learn I know!!

2nd Feb 2002, 01:00
The thing with Ryanair, charterguy, is that you get exactly what you pay for. If customers want to travel in style then the choices are always there but so are the higher prices.

Regarding your comment of "all things being equal" shows perhaps that you are not very perceptive. Things aren“t equal at all...Ryanair is always the lowest and that“s why 10 million passengers chose them last year!

2nd Feb 2002, 01:47

So as you say, "Ryanair is always the lowest". Why then was Ryanair taken to court recently for that claim? MOL lost the case as he was found to be LYING!

No need for you to tell 'porkies' here now is there.

I wish you all the best. (Oh ****, my nose is growing!)

. .Regards. .Exeng

2nd Feb 2002, 16:29
Original question was "why?". Well.....

At about the time that duty free was being canned within Europe some airlines became concerned that airports would put up their fees. They decided that they would split the fees out and show them separately in the tax box on the ticket. Agents weren't to chuffed about this because it removed an element of the "fare" on which they earned their income.

After some huffing and puffing the Association of British Travel Agents took a test case against some airlines (BA, LH and VS?) arguing that the airport fee wasn't a "tax". I won't go into all the ramifications but the agents won and the judge ordered that commission should be paid on the fee both from that point on and restrospectively.

At that point most airlines caved in and BSP (who collect the money from agents and pass it to airlines) went into a big calculation of who was owed what. The major hold out about paying was Ryanair and, I guess, this is the result.

3rd Feb 2002, 01:13

either bring a calculator next time or realise that what you were paying for is not having to queue.

When I fly low cost, I realise that everything that happens on an FR a/c costs money. I therefore either buy drinks etc. in advance or go without. If you don't keep track of what things cost why did you bother flying L-C in the first place? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

3rd Feb 2002, 05:31

Thanks for the info. I am surprised that tightfisted MO'L hasn't tried to list the charges for cleaning, fuel and handling separately so as to avoid paying commission on those as well! Anyway, I hope they make him cough up what he owes. He may even have to cancel a few of his 737s to pay for it :) :) :)