View Full Version : Maybe we're in the wrong job...

Few Cloudy
31st Jan 2002, 22:32
If you want to earn some serious dough, wear a snappy suit, get the cool business cards printed and call yourself a 'Consultant'. Rumour, or rather the Swiss TV news has it that Dose's boys paid upwards of 50m. Swiss Francs for the image package.

Hmm. Seem to remember that the S'Air brand cost a pretty sum of money to Interbrand at that time. Then of course there was Colani - no stopping him, called in to design a badge and did uniforms, crew bags and even a cockpit in CRM look (you both faced inwards - thank God at least that was not taken seriously)

Trouble is, you won't get a look in at the likes of easyJet, who's image and brand name were decided over dinner by the founding fathers for the cost of a good bottle of Bordeaux.

So we're looking for some good salesmen to market our brands to the low cost lads - got the Power Point presentation, the shiny shoes, the dossier of satisfied customers, the convincing chat... Hey Stelios, come back - I'm telling ya...