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16th Feb 2006, 17:54

There was a security alert on BA084 from Vancouver to LHR this afternoon. All I heard was the PAN announced on approach, then the LHR Director asking the FO whether the door to the cockpit was locked and also something about Tornados.

On landing the plane was told that security and police would be waiting at the stand.

Does anyone know anything more about this??


16th Feb 2006, 18:35
then the LHR Director asking the FO whether the door to the cockpit was locked

I find this a little hard to believe.....how do you know it was the FO and did the controller really ask this? Standing by for more.

16th Feb 2006, 18:41
well, I found it hard to believe as well - the Director did preface the question with: This might seem a silly thing to ask but....

Everything is exactly as I heard it - no more, no less.


16th Feb 2006, 18:42
You only answered half of my question :hmm:

16th Feb 2006, 18:44
assumed it was the FO and yes...the controller really did say this.


16th Feb 2006, 20:22
So in a nutshell, it has been a good few hours since this thread was origionally posted and nothing has been released about a threat to a potential BA aircraft so can it be assumed that this thread is a spoof???

16th Feb 2006, 22:25
Typical air-rage drunken pax, so I hear.

16th Feb 2006, 22:38
The incident on the BA084 involved an aggressive male passenger who ended up being restrained by the cabin crew and were assisted by four male passengers.Passenger arrested on arrival.Hopefully they'll throw the book at him.


17th Feb 2006, 13:41
Like Jerricho i do not believe a controller would ask a pilot if the cockpit door was locked. That is now SOP. Hence even as Heathrow director mentionos having sombody standing over your shoulder telling you what to say I do not believe it would be asked. Maybe you got caught up in the moment?

17th Feb 2006, 14:37
This one is so exciting it has not even raised a whisper on the BA bulletin board. It really is just an ordinary run of the mill incident, believe it or not! It happens so frequently- yet another boozed-up, aggressive nutter who shouldn't be allowed to hold a passport, who will be dealt with leniently by the Courts (if it ever gets there) because 'I'm just a pussy-cat, yer 'Onor, and because of an inadvertent overdose of sleeping tablets mixed with wine, I can't remember anything, so how can yer 'Onor punish me?' They all get away with it, despite behaving like disgusting savages. You should have seen the nasty, incredibly violent, drugged-up transvestite threatening AIDS to everyone I had to have restrained. Spat in almost the whole crews faces. Let off very leniently by the Australian Courts where apparently overdoing alcohol consumption is regarded a real 'boys game!', nudge nudge wink wink 'boys will be boys!'. I still don't know what that one was.

17th Feb 2006, 20:46
Rainboe, your attempt to characterise the working classes (with a Baldrick accent as in "so how can yer 'Onor punish me?'") as savages is admirable. However it is often the so called middle classes who get boozed up and out of control. Air Rage is classless, and not only the 18-30 charter to Palma crowd!

17th Feb 2006, 21:17
flash 8

because of an inadvertent overdose of sleeping tablets mixed with wine, I can't remember anything

I think Rainboe may have been referring here to recent case which definitely did not involve a lower case yob, but someone from the professional classes -or even more elevated.

18th Feb 2006, 11:01
Flash- there was no attempt at a class thing. From the United First Class passenger who allegedly 'defecated on a First Class trolley' to the musician from R.E.M. who did a berserker to the great morass of 'run of the mill' middle class savages who let themselves go on an aeroplane, it is not a class thing. I've known stewardesses punched in the face by them, these people struggling to open doors inflight. I've taken meek alcoholics who promise no trouble and turn into monsters when airborne- I regard them all with complete contempt- no class thing involved! But they all seem to get away with it, which is why by and large, it raises little comment in the airlines involved. Because I dropped an Aitch, it doesn't mean I was making a class comment!