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Hotel Tango
15th Feb 2006, 19:35
A friend has just told me that a Da20 e/r Moscow Luton diverted to Kiel with a fire on board and has apparently overrun on landing. A/c reportedly burning.

Hotel Tango
15th Feb 2006, 20:18
It seems it was a fire in the cockpit. Thankfully all occupants survived.

15th Feb 2006, 20:54
Does anyone know the operator? News reports are talking about a jet carrying 30 pax...?

15th Feb 2006, 21:15
Falcon 20, 6 on board. All injured but no fatalities reported.

15th Feb 2006, 21:15
Just found this:


looks llike a french registered Falcon. According to the report 3 crew and 3 pax (all russian), but at the same time also talking about 7 hurt and 9 people onboard...?

15th Feb 2006, 21:36
Err nope. I dunno where you got the nine from, but afaik its talking about seven. "Six of seven got light injured and one got major injuries." I may be blind, but it says three times seven.

Congratulations btw... I was searching an article as well, but I did not find one.

Gonna watch out for German news in on hour and thirty or so. Will keep you posted if anything turns up at twelve.

15th Feb 2006, 21:49
looks like a french registered Falcon.1980 vintage: F-WMKF, OY-BDS, I-GOBJ, F-GVJR, F-OVJR.

15th Feb 2006, 21:53
It's F-OVJR. The registration is now visible on the photo. The first and last letter clearly to be made out and now with your information the rest also makes sense. I thought because of the angle that one perhaps was a W or so.

15th Feb 2006, 22:06
FACTS: F-OVJR with 6 souls

Lon More
16th Feb 2006, 02:33
Very lucky crew and pax.

Radar & Avman; I presume you provided the usual excellent service

His dudeness
16th Feb 2006, 07:52
Crew was IMO not only lucky but skillful. IŽd think they were still heavy, acc, to german pilotsboard the GS was u/s and the runway is short (about 1200m).
Combine that with darkness, fire or smoke and a bit of panic....

Congratulations to the crew!

16th Feb 2006, 08:14
This seems to be the lucky number

17th Feb 2006, 10:43
Does anyone know anything more about the aircraft which had to make a hard emergency landing and rolled of the runway in germany?


Here's a swedish article with picture

17th Feb 2006, 12:04
according to a local kiel newspaper the emergency landing was the result of a cabin crew member releasing a smoke flare in the cabin at 10000 m...


tom de luxe
17th Feb 2006, 12:17
The aircraft was not on fire - apparently a female F/A (age 22) set off a smoke canister (which is of course meant to be used after an emergency landing to alert rescue operations about the location of the plane - oh the irony...) in the galley, thus filling the cabin with smoke. Cue emergency landing at EDHK/KEL. According to local media reports, investigators have ruled out the possibility of there being a technical problem with the aircraft, and the crew have tested negative for alcohol.
German police are investigating the incident. Potential charges against the F/A and/or the pilots include GBH -smoke inhalation-, and unlawful interference with an aircraft). The plane itself is a write-off.

4th Mar 2006, 22:55
Below is a link to a German site www.hansebube.de (boy of Hamburg) which features pictures of the recovery effort of the Falcon 20 in Kiel. I could only find a German version. The pictures are on 4 pages, so use the ‘weiter’ and ‘zurueck’ to navigate forward and backward.


Below is a translation of the German introduction (information within the parentheses is mine):

Recovery effort of the Suenkler crane and transportation team on the airport of Kiel.
An aircraft of the type Falcon 20 overshoot the runway during an emergency landing and came to rest down an embankment in February 2006.
Due to the embankment’s inaccessibility, the Suenkler team came out in full gear, including their Grove GMK 6300 auto crane (6 axels, 300 metric ton lifting capacity - Yeah, I didn‘t know that a Falcon 20 weighs that much, either:p :p ;) . For more information about this crane, go to www.groveworldwide.com)
The team started at 06:00 to ready the crane with 100 metric ton counterweight ballast (the crane’s maximum) and a 45 m luffing jib (that is the lattice type boom on top of the telescopic boom).
After lifting the airplane off the embankment, the fuel had to be pumped out of the aircraft. Then, the plane was loaded on a special vehicle.
The aircraft was then offloaded on a ramp on the other side of the airport, where it could be disassembled for further transport.
The 8 men of Suenkler had finished the recovery by 22:00 and together enjoyed a dinner on the airport (and I had to pull a special circuit breaker on the computer to be able to accommodate both ‘enjoyed a dinner’ and ‘on the airport’ in the same sentence:p ).
The Fritz Suenkler GmbH would like to thank the airport fire rescue services Kiel for the good cooperation.